OK, Vick Is Guilty, Now Let’s Move Forward

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: August 23, 2007

Michael Vick

NORTH CAROLINA — On Monday morning in a Richmond, Virginia court room, Michael Vick will “accept full responsibility” for his role in a dog fighting ring and plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges. His football days are on hold for now as he faces prison time — from one to five years and a $250,000 fine — although Vick is reportedly going to spend 12 to 18 months behind bars.

O.K., PETA, dog lovers, animal lovers, Vick’s critics and people who like to see athletes suffer, you all got what you wanted! He admits to harming dogs, fighting dogs and even killing dogs with other conspirators. So isn’t it time to let him pay his debt to society and move on? I think so considering he will lose his freedom for at least 12 months, lose his contract (his money) with the Atlanta Falcons, all of his endorsements, some of his fans and his dignity.

He will always be Public Enemy No. 1 even after he serves his time and most teams will not give him a second chance because they don’t want the bad publicity. Isn’tthat enough for one man to endure for a crime albeit cruel, but certainly a crime like others that takes place daily in this country.

Even though he will plead guilty and will suffer the type of penalties I mentioned for his crime(although I don’t think the punishment fit the crime), some still want to continue to punish him after he pays his debt to society.

What happened to a person getting a second chance to earn a living in the field of his/her expertise? I thought in this country, when you commit a crime or make a mistake detrimental to someone or something, you repay your debt in the form of consequences, you show remorse even if it’s not sincere and you are allowed to return to a life of earning a living for you and your family.

So when is it enough in punishing Vick? Is it all political or a genuine outrage by most in this case against Vick? Let’s look at some of the “players” in this case and the facts to determine who has an interest in this case based on a political agenda or a genuine outrage towards Vick.

PETA: Definitely Political. This “organization” is a joke at best. How many people have heard of PETA prior to the Vick case? Did you see them carrying signs in protest at every supermarket, farm or fur factory? Are they chasing down dog fighters all over the country? The NFL uses PIGSKIN for their footballs, has PETA been protesting the NFL regularly because of that? NOT. Furthermore, where is PETA and their “GRAND-STANDING” when humans are mauled by dogs on a regular basis? M.I.A.-that’s where. I’m sure they will be waiting for Vick when he gets out of prison so they can continue the Political agenda probably based solely on increasing donations and new members.

Prosecutors: Well, they work for the Government which is always Political. Enough said.

The mainstream media: This is one “player” in the group that has a special title which can’t be called “Political or Genuine”. They fall in the category of “THE STORY”.Some journalists will try and get the story by any means necessary whether the story is completely true, whether it hurts someone or if even if causes the complete demise and downfall of an athlete. I also believe like in mainstream media, CERTAIN PEOPLE use shields to hide their true racial feelings. Vick is no different. This includes ESPN, the “good ole boy” covering the story on the front lines in the south, the “wanna be” athlete sports writer from the Northeast, the writer that loves to proclaim his liberalism and his sense of racial equality and fair play when he lives a life of “moral hypocrisy” and the former jock who played 18 zillion years ago who is jealous and envious of guys like Vick and use these Prue-determined entertainment venues like ESPN, Cable and The NFL Network to voice their opinions while having malice in their hearts.

The NFL: The league is in a perplexing position and I don’t blame them in this case but POLITICS is definitely playing the Chief role in the decisions they’ve made and will make. How could you not take some actions against Vick especially when he decided against a trial and will plead guilty. Even if Vick decided to take it to trial and was found guilty, I’m sure The Commissioner would have acted swiftly and severely not only to prove a point and score points with people who are upset, angry and disgusted with Vick but to send a stern and clear message to the players in the league that this kind of conduct off the field will not be tolerated and I agree. I am a players guy but I can’t find any blame with The NFL and The Commissioner’s office on this one.

Dog/animal lovers: Definitely genuine. Look I have no disagreements with dog/animal lovers feelings of outrage, pain or conniption towards Vick and his co-horts for doing what they did to those dogs. Some people view animals especially dogs as “Man’s best friend” and they will protect them by any means necessary. I only question the lack of outrage when the roles are reversed. I just viewed the news the other day and was disgusted to hear two dogs mauled and mangled a woman to death. There are stories of Bears killing people, Deer killing people, even cats sucking the life out of babies. These are stories that happen quite frequently yet I hear silence when it comes to anger and outrage of a human being killed by an animal.

The same people who want Vick to go to prison and never play another down in the NFL are the people who dismiss wild animals who kill humans as just “a tragedy” and who are also absent across America when domestic animal owners are not held accountable for the lack of training and supervision when their animal takes a human life.

Others: Like the mainstream media category, the people in this category could best be described as “Various”. Some are what I call “pile-ons” which really could be categorized as Political. These are people who wait for an opportunity to be heard based on the case and the person(s) involved. They wait for the opportunity to jump on the proverbial band wagon when convenient for them and their agenda. Others would fall into the “Jealous” category. These are people who hate the enormous amounts of money, fame and power athletes have because they are stuck in a dead-end job and feel they were given a “raw deal” in life. These are usually people who like the media category are “wanna be” athletes who’s only sports experience was on the intramural gym team in grade or high school.

Then there was the “Racial” category. Almost like the “pile-on” group, this ignorant bunch of jerks hide behind certain causes when convenient to spread their racial hate and propaganda. The only difference in the past where they would hide behind white robes and mask, they shield themselves with black robes and gavels, talk shows, newspapers and any other avenue they can utilize to serve their purpose. Vick is a different African American, a different athlete and a different case but serves the same agenda for these idiots.

I have to be honest, this country is TWISTED. It seems the people who are outraged about the inferior life taken in this case seem to be very passive when it comes to the unfortunate life taken by the animals they protect. I am not a Vick apologist because he committed a crime and should be punished, but I see the hypocrisy in this entire case. Let’s punish a person for life for killing animals yet we let child molesters and rapists go free daily. So molesters and rapist can spend time in prison, be released and become a member of society with full time employment and full benefits of the world but a dog fighter/killer can’t?

Some of you will say, Vick can become a coach, analyst or some stiff on a football show breaking down games for a living rather than allowing him to play on the field in which he is use to right? I argue that wherever Vick goes he will be persecuted, belittled and protested against wherever and whatever he does in relation to football which is unfortunate and unfair.
This is my last article on the Vick case because I’m not a Vick fan, he is pleading guilty and I feel this has been blown completely out of proportion. All I ask is you as a viewer take the time and think. Would you want someone telling you to find another way to make a living based on one mistake you’ve made intentionally, criminally or otherwise. I think we know the answer.