Former Reds Executive Accuses Team Of Racial Discrimination

By Off the BlackAthlete Sports Wire
Updated: August 8, 2007

RedsNEW YORK, NY.— A former Cincinnati Reds front-office executive is accusing the team of racially discriminating against him.

Darrell “Doc” Rodgers was an assistant general manager for more than five years before the Reds re-assigned him in October as a special assistant to the general manager. The black executive sued today in Cincinnati federal court, accusing the Reds of breach of contract and racial discrimination. Rodgers said he had worked 14 years for the Reds and never received a negative evaluation. Rodgers resigned in January to become director of baseball operations for the Baltimore Orioles. His lawsuit also names as defendants the Reds’ chief operating officer, John Allen, and general manager Jim Bowden.

Reds Respond to Rodgers’ Charges Late last year, Doc Rodgers filed a racial discrimination charge against the Reds with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaining about his reassignment from Assistant General Manager to Special Assistant to the General Manager. In connection with that reassignment, Doc did not lose any pay or benefits and he continued to report to the Reds’ General Manager. The Commission investigated the complaint and did not find any evidence of discrimination.

In January, Doc voluntarily resigned from the Reds to accept a position with the Orioles. While working for the Reds, he was treated fairly, and the Reds have honored all contractual obligations to him.

We understand that Mr. Rodgers plans to file a lawsuit against the Reds. However, as we have not yet received a copy, we are unable to comment on it. Nevertheless, the Reds deny discriminating against him on the basis of his race or any other protected classification.