Elijah Dukes African American Jerk

Updated: August 4, 2007



OPEN Letter To

MORON Elijah Dukes

Dear Mr. Dukes:

While there are many stupid, self-destructive athletes both White and Black you in your own pathetic way could be considered the “worst” of all.. Not just on a personal level but how destructive you are to the efforts to revitalize the African American presence in Major League Baseball.

Let us ask you a simple question.


There are lots of young people again White and BLACK who would give almost anything ANYTHING for what you had. A very promising Major League career. The potential to be a Starting Major Leaguer for the next decade or more making yourself a multi-millionaire in the Process, a potential Hall of Famer, and the pride of your family for generations.

Instead what are you doing with your GIFT for Baseball.

THROWING IT AWAY. With your over the top ANTI-social actions that have you SUSPENDED from the Devil Rays and Major League Baseball while for now still drawing a “modest” salary.

BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT CLEAN UP YOUR ACT FAST MR. DUKES ?? And Baseball tells you to take a Hike which they might well do after the latest “incident.”

Let’s imagine your future if you get kicked out of Baseball. It isn’t difficult to imagine. That’s if you don’t go to jail for threatening to kill your ex-wife. And then there are ALL the lesser infractions inside and out of Baseball. Let’s see. Yes you’ll spend your days and nights on some street corner in some blighted part of Tampa hanging out with all the other Losers who have NO job and NO future.

But it will be different for you !!

( sure it will be )

You’ll be able to tell them over and over and over again until they are so sick of you they find another corner to do nothing on. After you tell them one time too many how you were tagged as being a potential MLB STAR. How you played for a Major League team (ever so briefly). All the famous players you got to play with. Traveling on the private team jet. The few big hits you got to win games.

And of course ….

How you’re going to get back. How you are expecting a BIG phone call “any moment now” to report back to the Devil Rays.

NO even better. You can tell your street corner “friends” YES the New York Yankees may be interested in you. That you “heard” George Steinbrenner and Joe Torre “were talking about you the other day.” That’s right the Yankees thing maybe YOU can win them another WORLD Championship finally again.

Dukes that’s the way you’ll talk if you hit rock bottom and become a Crack Head a lot more likely at this point then you will ever play for the “great” New York Yankees. Bit who cares about you you LOSER anyway.

The real tragedy here is your total obnoxious lack of concern for anyone other than your sorry self. It s obviously way beyond you to contemplate the destructive effect your NOT playing has on young African Americans who you might have inspired to overcome the odds and make it to the Majors themselves.

We know don’t even bother saying it the plight of African Americans is NOT your problem. In a way you are right you really do have your OWN problems you sad excuse for a …………. ( you complete the sentence IF you can).

Finally Mr. Dukes don’t bother calling us. This is very likely the first and last time you will ever see your name in the Black Box ….


Sincerely, The Black Box


If you don’t have a CLUE what this is all about simply GOGGLE ELIJAH DUKES. Either a general search or GOGGLE NEWS. It will give you something useful to do Sunday while you wait for the First NFL pre-season game FINALLY on Sunday evening 8PM EDT. Saints vs. Steelers

Summer’s OVER finally

bring on the Pigskin !

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