Could It Be Another African American Baseball ‘Messiah’

Updated: August 3, 2007



Justin Upton JUSTIN UPTON #1 IN 2005 MLB DRAFT

Some are calling

Justin Upton

the BEST prospect

in MLB Baseball

could he even be better

than Ryan Howard ??

We are about to begin to find out.

19 year old Justin has just been called up by the NL West Division LEADING Arizona Razorbacks. just one game ahead of the LA Dodgers as of early Friday evening. If you are an avid fan and have noticed another player named Upton in the Box Scores it is B.J. Upton, Justin’s older brother, tearing up the Base Paths for the Lowly Devil Rays.

Older Brother is only in his Second MLB season. J.B.. will be all of 23 on August 21 st. Look at his Stats. Batting Average .330.. Home Runs 14, RBIs 46, and Stolen Bases 13. This Upton plays Second Base. Another Star in the Making !

So even though it looks like there will be Two Outstanding African American Uptons tearing up the Majors for the next decade and a half today’s Box is about Younger Brother. Many observers feel The Far Better Brother.

This Younger Brother Upton plays the Outfield. Right Field. He has had an impressive season in the Minors until he got The Big Call to come “home” to brutally HOT Arizona. The Diamondbacks think Justin will HEAT up the desert air even more in the coming weeks. While playing in Mobile Justin was hitting .310, with 13 HomeRuns, 53 RBIs and 10 Stolen Bases..

Keep in mind these Minor League Stats can be somewhat quite deceptive. As good as Upton’s are they may in fact be far better than the numbers. Teams grooming their Top Talent often have Young Ones working on aspects of their game that need grooming more than pilling on the numbers, and swinging for the fences.

Now just a few hours after this Box is being finished Justin will be playing his FIRST Big League Game starting in Right Field for the Diamondbacks. Nobody is trying to fool anybody. If Upton produces there will be NO more Minor League training for him.

IF Justin does well enough he will not stop being the Diamondbacks Starting Right Fielder for years to come.

True that might prove too ambitious. Upton was called up because Arizona’s regular Right Fielder Carlos Quentin is on the Disabled List with a Hamstring injury but as you know Baseball Fans those Hamstring Injuries can prove to be a BITCH ( a medical term ) and who knows when Quentin will be Back ??.

Actually Quentin may have a BIGGER problem winning his job back than his injury. His Stats don’t exactly scream All STAR. When placed on the Disabled List Carlos was Batting a “whopping” .208 with 5 Home Runs and 28 RBIs. No Big Deal. If Justin is the next Black MESSIAH of Major League Baseball even as a Newbe he should have NO trouble bettering Quentin’s performance.

Or the lack there of

( to use legal language )

We should know soon enough

in fact after reading the Box


Saturday take a look

at the Box Score

Friday night

Arizona vs. LA

see how well

The Kid did !

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