Could It Be A Black Quarterback For Fighting Irish

Updated: August 24, 2007

Charlie Weis is being Coy

he won’t say WHO his

Starting QB will be

it probably means



it’s possible

Demetrius Jones

could be the ONE


but doubt it

Notre Dame has a “rich” (sic) history of NOT having African American Quarterbacks starting at least. It’s about as likely as Notre Dame naming another Black Head Coach in your life time. Yes even if you were born yesterday.

Lest you forget

African American

Tyrone Willingham

was HOUNDED out

of his job as Head Coach

of Notre Dame their

first and only

BLACK Head Coach

Still miracles do happen. And since Demetrius is one of three ND Quarterbacks who “might” be named to Start by Old Charlie Weis in the coming days the ODDS may actually be less than 1000-1. Let’s say 100-1. For Notre Dame those would have to be considered “good” odds for a Black Quarterback.

In fairness to Notre Dame they have had their share of roster Black Quarterbacks over many years. Indeed Tony Rice an African American Quarterback led Notre Dame from 1986-1989, and brought the Fighting Irish a National Championship in 1988. Their last to date ! That’s right the last time the Fighting Irish won the NCAA National Championship it was with a Black Quarterback !

But that was then

and now is now

Demetrius Jones Biggest Problem probably is the much ballyhooed Jimmy Clausen a Freshman hailed by some the best high school Quarterback in America. There is NO doubt Weis and his Notre Dame brain trust see Clausen as their ticket to the Irish’s first National Championship since 1988.

Now that Brady Quinn

who didn’t is gone

The only question is

does Weis see Clausen

doing it as a Freshman

( unlikely isn’t it )

So if Charlie decides to bring him along “slowly” not as the Starter from Day 1 this season Jones has a shot be it a long one of being Charlie Weis’ interim leader as Starting Quarterback. But even if Jones gets “the call” he will be certain it is very tentative and NOT to last. There is NO chance Demetrius Jones will be Starting QB in his Junior or Senior years barring a Very Big Miracle.

Not that Demetrius does not have his own enthusiasts.. “I think in my time with Demetrius, it was obvious why he was a successful high school quarterback and why Notre Dame recruited him,” said former quarterbacks coach Peter Vaas, now at Duke. “Without a doubt, he’s an exciting player. He will make the quarterback position at Notre Dame an exciting and competitive one.”

Here is Jones’ former coach at Morgan Park High School Lexie Spurlock. “To me, a lot of African American quarterbacks get unfairly labeled as runners,” the coach said. “I don’t know how many label Demetrius a runner, but I don’t. I label him as a quarterback. If you’ve ever seen [Tennessee Titans quarterback] Vince Young play, then you see the potential Demetrius has.”

And this from Coach Spurlock ….

“No question about it, Demetrius should think he should start,” Spurlock said. “He has to carry himself as if he’s going to be the starter and lead Notre Dame to a national title. I know that Demetrius has all the confidence in the world in himself. If he’s going to start, he has to do all the things that are required of him to become the starter.”

Another good point from Spurlock he says Jones made it very clear to Weis and Notre Dame he will NOT switch positions. Not going to be an End. A con still used with Black Quarterbacks for teams to keep a White Starting QB while still getting value from outstanding Black QBs playing at other positions.

“They recruited him to play quarterback, and Demetrius can play quarterback,” Spurlock said. “He knows how to complete passes. He has a pocket presence. He has the ability to check off, make the hot read.. They already have the system in place for him. With the addition of his legs, it’s going to be great thing.”

Well see the Odds are against

Sophomore Demetrius Jones

then again when aren’t

the odds AGAINST

Black Quarterbacks


South Bend


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