Clarifying the issue.I, the Fan, Never Do Wrongdoing at Sporting Events

By Greg Moore
Updated: August 8, 2007

Frank FranciscoSAN ANTONIO, TX. —I want to express something to everyone. I, a no name person, am a fan of sporting events. I buy my season tickets strictly to be an antagonist to the opposing team. I will stand up behind the opposing bench and call them bums. I will go to ballparks and yell at the opposing team’s relief pitchers and give them grief because it is my right. I will go to a hockey game and talk trash to guys who could be bouncers in nightclubs. I will even go to golf tournaments and snap pictures of the players during their back swing. Yes I am a fan. I have unpublished rights that even my duckets don’t cover and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Maybe I shouldn’t act this way but who is going to stop me. I am the person who makes other fans cringe but at the same time I am the talk of the town. If my bantering and rants get family members whacked, so what; we’ll just hire attorneys and sue the opposing team. Yeah maybe I’m doing this to provoke a player to have a bad game but heck this is the only forum that will allow me to do so. I can’t be a jerk at my son’s little league game; they don’t allow it.

I can’t be a rude boy at the soccer matches because I almost cost my daughter’s team the game. But see at a professional game I can be as rowdy and rambunctious as I want. Like I said before, who is going to stop me? Absolutely nobody.

So when a fellow fan is giving the other team the business, and some of those team members decide to throw things, like chairs, I get really upset. Who do these jokers think they are, the Sopranos?

We fans have rights don’t they know that? We fans never do anything wrong.

Of course we do have some of our more aromatic members of the group. The two gentlemen who tried to say hello to the baseball coach in Chicago last year were new members of the group. They didn’t know that you just couldn’t walk up to coaches like that. And yes we did have to almost ban the fan that had talked about Vernon Maxwell’s daughter some years back.

He was just a bit over the top. But even those three members have rights and no sporting venue can deny them due process. We have worked hard to ensure our members their right to be bravado behind the alcoholic beverages and to make sure that we have a good time.

Maybe our esteemed member in Oakland walked into a shaded gray area with the Texas Rangers but I, as one of the many fans who are in his fraternity, back him 100%. That baseball player went over the top. There should be a serious investigation as to why a chair was thrown in the first place (editor’s note: The Oakland A’s need to put a bench in the bullpen; not chairs.).

Mr. Craig Bueno needs to sue the socks off of that player. As a fan not only do I think the Bueno family did nothing wrong, I think the Texas Rangers should compensate them and the row they were sitting with a little financial stability. The Rangers violated their rights and it was caught on tape; there is no denying it.

Now I know that there are some other fans that will not take this particular stance with some others and me. In their eyes there was culpability on both sides. Frankly I think they are wrong. How can a true fan not be on the side of the Buenos? They are victims in this violent world of baseball.

That world is just a sub chamber of what I, the fan, attend on a weekend basis. As I stated before it is my job to be the world’s most pompous, rude ass fan in the world. I push the envelope beyond its limits and it always stretches back. The Buenos did the same thing that I have been doing or years; giving the opposing team the “business”.

So there is my stance on this issue. Chairgate has officially been put the bed by a staunch member of the fans group. You know who we are and if you don’t, just look around. You’ll find members of the group and you would have never known they were a part of ‘us.’ Stand up all my fans who believe in the, “whoop, whoop”. It is time to take back what is rightfully ‘ours’. We will not be trampled upon again this or any other season.

(Editor’s note: The above piece by no means is a representative of the writer’s stance.

As a matter of fact the writer’s stance is one that says that turn about is fair play when it comes to fans pushing the envelope. I don’t believe in throwing chairs but the fans have some culpability in this incident.)