BASN Classic BlackBox: Quarterback Revolution Part #3 Is There Only One Michael Vick

Updated: August 28, 2007



Tuesday’s Box focused

on the plight of

Jason Campbell

Wednesday’s Box


The Larger Issue

Thursday brings us to

Michael Vick

Why Vick is and

is not The Prototype

Black QB of the Future

still He may Lead

The Revolution


What Michael Vick does as no other Quarterback in Football History has ever – is explore the upper limits of what role the Quarterback can fill on a football team. In so doing and exposing the weaknesses in the Vick Model …..

…….. we are led closer and closer to the QB Revolution of Multiple – Quarterbacks being an integral part of all NFL teams and their strategy for Winning in the coming Future. With Michael Vick playing a complex role.

Because it is far more reasonable to have a MIchael Vick as a pivotal cog in your Quarterback Arsenal rather than risk it all on his Style of Play and the fact no team is likely to find a “complete” Michael Vick look alike anyway.

But Vick at his Best is like no other Threat ever seen on the Gridiron while he may not be a Perfect Passer he is Good combined with exceptional running talent and ALL the Leadership Qualities found in the BEST QBs he confounds opposing Coaches and defenses like no other player ever has.

This may be the Season when

Michael Vick puts it all Together

As is accepted Wisdom in Pro Football ONLY if you lead your team to at least one SuperBowl Championship in your career will a player be considered Truly Great. IF Michael Vick can take Atlanta there he will do it with fireworks and theatrically never seen before in a SuperBowl Champion. It will set a new Standard.

Last Sunday’s Victory makes the Point

one game says volumes

The Vick Strategy may have now been perfected by Head Coach Jim Mora and Vick himself. It is called the Spread Option. Vick lines the Falcons up in a shot gun formation then after the snap he appears to give the Ball to running back Warrick Dunn as Dunn runs toward one side of the Field and Vick the other …….

……… when executed perfectly the Defense does not know until it is too late which one has the Ball.

The fact that Vick is as good a running back as his full back, as well as having the option to throw to as open receiver is NOT what most Defensemen will ever learn to deal with even in a thousand years.

What Vick is able to do

like a Chess Grandmaster

is play a game there is

NO Defense for

exposing the ultimate “flaw”

in defensive football


There are Many

For Starters Michael Vicks cannot be assembly line manufactured from the more typical Quarterback stock. Plus no strategy is flawless unless you have a team good enough to execute it. But the Archilles Heel, Leg, Arm, Back, Ankle, Wrist and Concussion of the Michael Vick Strategy is his VULNERABILITY. Nobody in the game of NFL Football is as VULNERABLE as Michael Vick specifically, serious running QBs in general because ……..

The Dirty Secret hat no one in the NFL

will ever admit to is that Defensemen

score BIG points for themselves

IF they can take the QB

out of the Game

better the Season

with an Injury

Until and unless the NFL establishes DRACONIAN Penalties for excessive force against a QB far far more than 15 yards and a First Down. Quarterbacks like VIck have a permanent Bulls eye on their Helmets. And Michael Vick more than anyone in the NFL. Vick has already suffered a season destroying broken leg in the past and assorted other injuries that have prevented him from playing.

For Michael Vick to Lead the Falcons all the Way to a SuperBowl Championship playing all game every game uninjured will be a tremendous achievement all by itself. And the closer he gets to the Golden Ring the greater the risk of a vicious tackle when he is running the Ball .

The Point is

The True Running Quarterback

as a Specialist who plays

Against certain Opponents, or in certain game situations or simply interchanged with other QBs in the course of a game is a far more valuable asset and far less vulnerable statistically here in the Real World of NFL Football.

Which is the Best proof of all

That an NFL Team of the Future built from scratch around a theory and a strategy of outstanding Multiple-Quarterbacks one or two or conceivably all as Running Quarterbacks will produce a Revolution in the NFL by its very definition since NEVER in the entire history of the NFL ……


has a Head Coach EVER built a team around any other Strategy than having ONE primary QB and simply one in some cases at most 2 usually inferior often throw away Quarterbacks who ONLY get playing time if the Starter gets injured or things get worse than desperate.

Try running your business

with such an Idiotic

Battle Plan

The problem is the NFL is 1) too rigid, and worse 2) far too successful. If you own an NFL franchise it does not matter if your team goes 0-16 YOU GET RICH ANYWAY. The incentive for major surgery on poorly performing teams is absent. Rather owners can wait knowing eventually even the worst teams will eventually get better and win a few more gams “next” season. Why bother Thinking !

So what did happen last Sunday

the best rushing game

in Falcons history

306 yards total

Vick 127 yards

Dunn 134 yards


Falcons 14-3 over

Tampa Bay

Atlanta is 2-0 this season

The rest may be NFL history

IF Michael Vick can

stay Healthy and

Spark the Revolution

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