Above The Fray?

By Richard Kent
Updated: August 15, 2007

CONNECTICUT — Rutgers’ junior center Kia Vaughn has sued Don Imus for defamation. So much for the Scarlet Knight players being above the fray.

She has an absolute right to bring the lawsuit. She is an American. We have a free, open and wonderful legal system. I can’t get inside her head. I am sure that she was hurt by his comments.

I am sure that other members of the team were hurt by his comments. But all this lawsuit will do is continue the issue when all thought that it was closed.

Sure, Imus settled with CBS for $20 million. He settled on the same day that the lawsuit was brought. I am sure that this was a coincidence. At least I hope this was a coincidence.

The Rutgers women’s team looked great throughout the entirety of the Imus proceedings a few months back. They accepted his apology. They went on with their lives.

Matee Ajavon was a star of a United States international team that won a Gold medal. Other Rutgers players played for teams throughout the summer representing this country.

Essence Carson became a media darling. She deserved to be. She was smooth, articulate, and thoughtful. So was head coach Vivian Stringer. She was criticized for a book deal that she entered into way before any comments were uttered by Imus.

Now it is open again. A wound has opened. Will it close? Maybe not this time. I believe that Rutgers had nothing to do with this lawsuit. I don’t believe that Rutgers will be bringing a lawsuit.

I believe that Rutgers handled the media in almost expert fashion. Rutgers was above the fray. Rutgers is still above the fray.

Is Vaughn above the fray? Only time will tell but she may not be getting the best advice in the world in bringing this lawsuit. What will it accomplish. She may get another apology.

She may get some money. She may feel better about herself. Her hurt may run that deep. But will it help anyone. Who knows but many think not.