You Can’t Rush To Judgment, But This Doesn’t Look Good For The Vick Family

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 9, 2007

A satellite imagery of Michael Vick's property. Federal agents have been focusing on a house in Smithfield where they believe dog fighting took place.

A satellite imagery of Michael Vick's property. Federal agents have been focusing on a house in Smithfield where they believe dog fighting took place.

SAN ANTONIO — The seven-page document read, “VERIFIED COMPLAINT IN REM”. It doesn’t list any defendants. It mentions 53 dogs in the field where a plaintiff name should go. It’s filed by the U.S. District Attorney out of Richmond, Virginia .

Under normal circumstances, one would think this is nothing more than gibberish but it’s not; it’s the now unsealed legal documentation of a search warrant served at 1915 Moonlight Road in Smithfield, Virginia; the property that is either still owned or was owned by Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick.

By now you have heard all the stories and/or news accounts of the dog fighting scandal that has been around since mid April. Around April 26th or so, law enforcement authorities had served a search warrant on the property alleging that the property was the central location for a multi-state dog fighting ring.

Over 50 dogs were seized along with various equipment associated with the activity. Also seized during that initial search were three envelopes that had the words “M. Vick” on them.

All of this seems to be very circumstantial at best and it could very well be. Probably the only thing that Michael Vick could be accused of is owning the property in which has now become the center of attention by federal authorities.

Nowhere in the seven page affidavit is Michael Vick’s name mentioned. As a matter of fact there is not a single family name associated with Vick but there is the name of “Bad Newz Kennels” listed throughout the document.

It is very difficult to not want to rush to judgment on this issue when so much circumstantial information is laid out before you. Coincidences do happen and sometimes innocent people get caught up on the minutia of these cases but this one has way too many “coincidences” in the formula. It is also too many “coincidences” of questionable behavior that now has Vick in a position of trying to defend himself.

Davon Boddie, the cousin of Vick who was arrested back in April during that first initial search said that his cousin was not involved in dog fighting activities. Vick himself says that it is family members who have been the source of his latest problems. But can that be the only thing fans go on. Doing a search on the web, YouTube seems to have a video of a dogfight that Vick attended .

In watching the video, it’s a little difficult to say whether Vick is in the sequence or not. At this point just about anybody who has a camcorder and a little knowledge of how to edit video is trying to be the next Max Drudge and make a name for him or herself on this matter. You have to judge for yourself and say whether that is Vick in this graphic video or not.

With everything said, again rushing to judgment on this issue isn’t wise for one simple reason; his name isn’t “officially” linked to dog fighting. Sure it’s linked to a lot of circumstantial evidence but this is a hard case to prove. If Michael Vick is guilty of anything it is trusting family members who used his name in vain.

He’s guilty of not hurrying up and clearing his name by saying that not only was he not involved but he should be putting a case against his family members for the wrongdoings they have done. Is that snitching on a loved one? Sure it is but what’s better, going to jail for something you didn’t do?

M. Vick could stand for two people; Marcus or Michael. No one has heard from Marcus and Michael is tight lipped on this situation. “Bad Newz Kennels” is the one solid link, along with the Smithfield address, that puts either or both Vick brothers in the crosshairs.

The case that is being put together to arrest and convict the members of “Bad Newz Kennels” is very serious and federal prosecutors will eventually have those who are responsible. Hopefully, Michael or Marcus will not be caught up in this net of circumstantial facts and innuendo.