Williams Takes The First Big Step

By Tom Donelson
Updated: July 10, 2007

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Paul Williams takes a big step this upcoming Saturday. He fights one of the toughest brawlers in the welterweight division in Antonio Margarito, a tough Mexican fighter who takes no quarters and pressures his opponents with volley of punches.

He never stops punching and he never stops coming forward.His fight with Kermit Cintron was classic Margarito as he over powered the undefeated Puerto Rican.

Margarito is now fighting yet another undefeated fighter and standing between him and some really big money fight is the tall, lanky Paul Williams.Williams did not begin his career with a extensive amateur career and his handler brought him up slowly.

With very little amateur background, Williams learned his trade at the professional rank.What he did and still does possess is great athletic ability and a natural power that serves him well.

At 6-foot-1, he has the potential of being another Tommy “The Hit Man” Hearns.

And when he stopped Walter Matthysee last May, he showed that he was ready for the big time.

His demolition of the Argentina prospect showed a maturing boxer who took advantage of his height and jab his way to an easy victory. ESPN announcer Ted Atlas always mentioned that the biggest mistake any tall fighter does was to give up his height.

Williams unleashed his jab against Matthysse and that jab consistently hit its mark. Williams fought at a frantic pace; often throwing 100 punches per round and his attack began with a jab.

Matthysse’s face became a target for the jab and as the fight progressed, his pace was slowed down as he could no longer could compete with the barrage. As for Williams’ chin, Matthysse’s right occasionally found its mark upon hisface.

When a fighter throws punches in bunches, he leaves himself open for the occasional counter. You just can’t throw that many punches and not leave yourself open for something. Call it the law of averages.

When Mattysse did connect, Williams brushed it off.

He just kept punching and by the 10th round, the end was near. Matthysse could not handle either Williams’ speed or his volume of punches. Williams ended the fight when he had his opponent in trouble.

The Margarito-Williams is intriguing for both fighters fight at a frantic pace. They both throw punches in bunches, but there is one difference.Williams fights more effectively from the outside and this allows him to gain leverage with his long reach.

Margarito likes to attack on the inside and nail the body. Like a typical Mexican fighter, he loves that left hook.

This is a classic boxer-puncher versus the swarmer and both fighters will give the others enough opportunities to strike.

It is the jabber vs. the left hooker. Williams has a 79-inch reach, which is heavyweight like and his wing span may prove decisive.

The real question is will Williams’ offensive style of fighting leave him vulnerable to Margarito own combinations. If he can take Magarito’s best shots and deliver a few of his own, we may witness a changing of the guard in the welterweight division.

The winner of this bout will most likely fight Miguel Cotto.For Williams, he has the potential to be a multiple weight champion, possibly going all the way up to light heavyweight.

This Saturday is the first big test for Williams and a victory will propel him into stardom. While much of the boxing world predicts a Margarito victory, I smell an upset.