What Are The Odds Tiger Retire From The Tour Then Pulls A Michael Jordan

Updated: July 24, 2007




Far fetched you say

even maybe Crazy

The Great Tiger Woods

RETIRING from the Tour

maybe not after reading

today’s Black Box !

What we do here so often is enlighten stories that are in clear view to see if only you would look Dear Reader. Take our recent Boxes on Michael Vick. We told you it was ridiculous to believe Roger Goodell and the NFL would stand by their earlier statement and take NO action against Vick until or unless he was actually convicted in a Court of Law. Now you know it was nonsense as of Tuesday. You knew in the Box back on Sunday.

Yes we will return to Michael

again and again and again

but NO not today

Today we have a Reality Check for Tiger Woods. And more evidence the Main Stream Media ( a dying stream ) keeps telling yesterday’s Sports story. This past weekend’s British Open where Tiger was never really in contention may prove a defining moment for Golf’s Greatest.

The fact is while Tiger is still good compared to many other pro golfers and has his exciting victories from time to time. It is every bit as true Tiger Today is not Yesterday’s Tiger. His production the last 3 years is far below the previous 7 in his decade long pro career..

The idea of him sweeping past Jack Nicholas and everyone else for most Tour victories and most of all most Majors by a player in one lifetime even before he reaches 40 is voiced far less often. Tiger might conceivably do all that and more but it will be a GRIND and he will be playing at 50 to do it.. And with each passing year with less impressive results.

Is it really worth it to Tiger

to bother reaching those numbers

for what exactly ?? and

at what cost to him.

( in every way )

Keep something in mind Tiger has not won any of the first 3 Majors in 2007. The last Major of the year is the PGA Championship in early August. In our theory that may be the all important “test” that will or won’t have Tiger re-thinking his career and what is best for him.

If his wins the PGA Championship Tiger will be on top of the world and the talk will begin about how many Majors will he win in 2008. But if he does not win the PGA and as in the British Open doesn’t really contend what might that say about Tiger’s career. No doubt he could stay on the Tour and make lots of $$$ just coming in 2nd, 3rd or 10th plus winning a few of those Big Bucks but lesser events on the PGA calendar but what is the point.

Here is The Point …..

Tiger’s mega bucks marketing value is in him being clearly seen as a Winner. If he loses that image it will cost him dearly. He just might say what would his good buddy Michael J. do ? As we know what Michael Jordan did was “retire” at the peak of his career. Of course in retrospect we know he did not really retire at all he took a “sabbatical” for himself to indulge his fantasy playing Baseball but really to re-fresh his image and prepare for his Second Coming which would produce far more excitement that had he not interrupted his career.

Now Tiger is not going to go off and play Baseball ( unless you know something we don’t ) but here is the point for Tiger he could make far more $$$ any weekend playing in non-Tour events than he can in Tour events even when he wins them. We estimate Tiger could command $1Million ++ any weekend he wants all over the world playing in glitzy corporate and int’l tournaments.

Tiger could call himself “retired” while he continues to play Celebrity Golf and practice his game and get the Big Bucks just for showing up no matter how well he plays but of course in these far “lesser” tournaments it would be a very unusual weekend when Tiger does not Win. Very easily. And getting an additional Big Bonus for doing so. And getting more attention.

At the same time playing when he wants he can enjoy his new daughter, re-bond with his wife and take care of his many business interests GET THIS and while keeping all his valuable endorsement deals.

At the same time everyone

would know Tiger’s

little “secret” and

play right along

especially the Media

Clamoring for Tiger to RETURN to the Tour. Which maybe after one year more likely 2 possibly even after 3 years Tiger in the MEGA Sports story of the year in front of 10 Million or more journalists and cameras he announces YES …..

…….. after much Soul Searching and consulting with his Family he will do something very very very very very very very very very – we need a few more – very very very HEROIC and return to the PGA Tour. Well America and the entire World will go WILD. Church bells will ring, national holidays be declared, miracles confirmed and yes yes yes ……..

most of all Tiger will sign

even BIGGER endorsement deals.

When Tiger arrives for his “first”

NEW Masters troops will have

to be redeployed from Iraq

( sure they’ll still be there )

to control the surging crowds

the other golfers will all

have to be on medication

Tiger will be so


maybe they won’t even

play the Masters simply

declare Tiger the Winner !

as Tiger ends his retirement

and returns to the Light !

( now do you understand )


While this has nothing to do with anything actually it also relates very well to the view of Tiger and the Dumb Media above ….. the Media reported the ending of that dump ass sopranos show as ending the way it did as some brilliant artistic achievement or for others completely impossible to comprehend.

WELL WAKE UP MEDIA ….. the series ended without tony soprano and his pathetic family NOT get murdered so all the principals and HBO can make more MONEY bringing the series back after a few years and also making soprano movies with the same characters IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND.

Just as it would make all the sense for Tiger to “retire” if he really isn’t just as it made sense for Michael Jordan to “retire” when he really didn’t. Just as the sopranos was just “retired” by HBO. It is amazing almost beyond belief the connections we make here in the Box.. Time after time.

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