Venus Finds Love Match Golfer Finds Sweet Spot

Updated: July 10, 2007




Trying to figure out

LOVE is like trying

to figure out WHY

the U.S. is in


All we know is that both are Battlefields filled with unlikely alliances. Since we do Sports we will leave the mess in Iraq alone and turn our attention to Venus Williams and her new Love Match.

For maybe the first time with any specificity Venus is being linked with and acknowledging the New Man in her life a very secondary figure on the PGA Tour, divorced with a young daughter, Hank Kuehne of Dallas.

Certainly for Kuehne this is a Match made in Heaven. It will certainly take his mind off the Tour where a Big Weekend for him is making the Cut. And a big payday for Hank is $ 5000. So far in 2007 his total winnings are $ 8518, Then again as Venus’s frequent escort like spending two weeks in England with her does not leave much time for Pro Golf.

Look at it this way with Kuehne by her “side” ( the Box is children friendly ) every day and night at Wimbledon Venus did all right while Hank kept her Happy. Like Winning and collecting $ 1.4 Million plus lots more.

So while the Box is normally not a Love Column we are predicting for our readers this may be SERIOUS. Don’t be surprised if Hank and Venus become more than a Casual Couple in the days and weeks to come..

Which brings us to the philosophy of Love.

WHAT does Venus see in this guy. She is the Queen of Tennis once again. Looking good as was so obvious in High Definition. A model of physical and mental fitness and RICH and getting RICHER. As Famous an Athlete as there is. Kuehne on the other hand as a Golfer could not get a job as Tiger Woods caddy let alone compete with him or any serious Pro.

Yes True Love has no rhyme or reason. At lest not often visible from the Outside. You could list the Single Guys Black & White from Famous Athletes to World Class Singers and Actors who Venus could have her pick. Instead she goes for some down and out, not very good looking, bald, PGA wannabe, who you will NEVER see at any of the tournaments you are likely to watch on TV.

As a public service here is the Love Struck Couple

celebrating Venus’ Wimbledon Victory

Venus and Hank

Now as a Special Treat for

Venus and Hank we will

link them and you to

an expert on Love

Dr. Lillian Glass

Venus and Hank

Good Luck ??

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