Sisterhood Fabulous Williams

Updated: July 2, 2007



It was just an “ordinary” day

in the middle of Wimbledon except

it wasn’t for the Williams Sisters

there was nothing memorable

about Monday except

there was

No tournaments were decided Monday. Both Serena and Venus have won a slew but all they took part in Monday were 5th and 4th Round matches at Wimbledon with the Final “far” in the distance not until Saturday afternoon.

Still Monday at Wimbledon exemplified the Spirit and the Drive of the Williams Sisters together on the same day better than any moment in their careers so far. It was how the both won. The adversity both overcame. “logically” both Serena and Venus should have lost on Monday and now be winging it back home to Florida with Wimbledon 2007 just a bitter memory.

Instead Venus and Serena in their next matches are poised to face the world’s # 1 Justine Henin and # 2 Maria Sharapova. And have no doubt about it after what they witnessed Monday both Maria and Justine are WORRIED.

Monday Venus Williams had to come from behind to win her 5th Round Match begun on Saturday but rain delayed until Monday. After winning the First Set on Saturday, Venus fell hopelessly behind her match rival Akiko Morigami, who won the Second Set on Monday when play resumed, and had Venus trailing badly in the 3rd and deciding Set 5-3 when miraculously Venus rallied out of nowhere and won 4 games in a row to take the Victory.

And what about Serena !

Her challenge and her victory in her Round # 4 match Monday outdid even Sister Venus’ heroics. Accentuated by the constant threat of new rains which in the end provided Serena an unexpected asset just when a sudden injury temporarily hobbled her. After winning her First Set easily against opponent Daniela Hantuchova Serena suffered a severe if ultimately minor injury a deep cramp to her left calf that had her screaming in pain and on her knees and only pure desire kept her from forfeiting the Match and going home.

Mercifully rain soon arrived and caused a two hour delay. Enough time for Serena to partially recover, having her legs wrapped in tape and very very uncharacteristically for Tennis Fashion Leader Serena she was wearing warm up pants when she resumed. But continue to play she did and after losing the Second Set to Hantuchova, just as Younger Sister had earlier Monday Serena rallied to win the Final Set and claim Victory as she left the Court still in pain.

The odds still favor their highly ranked opponents Sharapova and Henin, Venus playing Sharapova Tuesday and Serena against Henin on Wednesday, but Venus and Serena have given new hope to the chances that American women one or even two might survive until the Final on Saturday.

In reality are we likely to see a Williams Final on Saturday NO but for Venus and Serena that might actually be less important than the memories they created for themselves Monday on the same day in arguable the most famous and important tennis tournament of all in the world of Tennis.

Even more it is fascinating to watch these Two Sisters who came to rake Tennis so lightly even dismissively only a few years ago, now as they both get older and know that their tennis careers will not go on forever – how now with the wisdom of “age” they savor like never before the sport of Tennis and every new challenge and outstanding performance to add to their tennis myths.

Now as the hands of Time

point them both closer

to the Exit Gates now

Venus and Serena

realize what they

have and will

soon enough

fade away.

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