Sheffield Calls Out Jeter & Torre

Updated: July 15, 2007




YES the Truth will

make us Free OR

at the very least keep

the BULLSHIT Artists

from feeding us Lies


Gary Sheffield

IF only there

Were more African American players like Gary Sheffield. The White Boys of Summer would not be able to get away calling themselves color “blind” equal opportunity employers. And who Dear Reader are Bigger Bull Shit Artists than George Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman and Joe Torre. Yes you’re right Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. How could we forget.

But Old & Senile George Steinbrenner, Clueless Brian Cashman and Rotting Corps Joe Torre are right “up” there. Torre died 6 years ago but somebody forgot to tell him. Even so that lifeless look plastered on his bored face in the Yankees Dugout is an unmistakable Death Mask. And decomposes.

This past week in case you didn’t hear Sheffield told the media the reality of being an AFRICAN American player on the NY Yankees. You get treated like a Bat Boy by Joe Torre with the consent of the Yankee organization.

Though Gary Sheffield may have keep his most precious comment for Derek Jeter. If there was an Academy Award for best comment by an MLB player all season Sheffield wins hands down.

BRILLIANT. When complaining to the media the lack of Black players on the Yankees of course these WHITE sports reporters chimed me BUT WHAT ABOUT DEREK JETER ?? ”

Sheffield’s reply ….

Jeter is Black and WHITE

He sure is in more ways

than One

Jeter is Steinbrenner’, Cahman’s and Torre’s Golden Boy. They parade him around like he alone answers for the lack of BLACK players on the Yankees. Or even better why do we need other BLACK players on the Yankees we have Derek Jeter. Of course not only isn’t Jeter BLACK in any appreciable way. He is Bi-racial and looks like a White Guy with a modest summer tan. But even more he does the Yankees bidding whatever it is and would be the Last Person to speak up for African Americans on the Yankees.

If you remember Gary Sheffield has been telling the Truth for a long time. He is one of the few Black players to publicly face the fact that African Americans are being pushed out of Baseball. He was the ONLY Black player to wear Jackie Robinson’s # 42 earlier this season in tribute to Jackie’s 60th anniversary at a time when African Americans are rapidly disappearing from Baseball who made it a point to note the irony and hypocrisy of Baseball today.

Sheffield’s most recent comments will air in their entirety Tuesday evening on HBO on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” but no need to wait to praise Sheffield as a Black Leader in Baseball with Guts. Too bad we can’t have a Baseball Commissioner or even a players union leader like Gary Sheffield.

At least these guys like the Yankees Brass would be forced to face Reality rather than the manufactured feel good they cover their racist sub-conscious with. While the Yankees make a very BIG deal about the fact that they are doing more than any other MLB team to develop and recruit Chinese talent …..

….. on the Chinese mainland they don’t raise a finger to develop young African American talent even as they’re building a NEW billion dollar stadium in the middle of Black America within sight of Harlem and in the South Bronx.

At 38 Sheffield is a Leader with the Detroit Tigers and the Yankees sure could use him now. As of today Sheffield is batting .306 with 22 HomeRuns.

62 RBIs and a slugging percentage of .563 in 86 games and 320 At Bats. Detroit is tied for 1st Place in the AL Central Division with Cleveland with their 53-36 record while the NY Yankees are 45-44 and 9 games out in the East.

At this rate Steinbrenner,

Torre and Jeter will be

able to sit in front of

their TVs in October

watching Sheffield play

in the Post-Season again

while listening to his

insightful Comments

to the Sports Media.

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