Michael Vick’s Big Problem May Be DJ Shockley’s Big Break

Updated: July 22, 2007



DJ Shockley ” I’M READY TO START ”

It’s always been that Way

it will always be the Same

it even goes beyond Humans

one creatures Travails are

very often just as much

one Fabulous Opportunity

for Another One

In this case that being the case of the United States vs. Michael Vick, et al. and apparently so also to be the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Michael Vick et al. in a separate action, unbelievably and hopefully if Vick can not be the Starting Quarterback for the Falcons in 2007 another talented younger African American Quarterback may get the opportunity of a Lifetime.

Enter D.J. Shockley of

University of Georgia

Bulldog Quarterback | Fame now 2nd year

Backup Falcons QB

The Truth is when the Falcons drafted Shockley in 2006 those in the know felt Arthur Blank Falcons’ owner was looking for the NEXT Atlanta Quarterback of the Future if and when – not for dog fighting for sure – the always injury susceptible Michael Vick was no longer leading the team. Replacing Michael with a home grown University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Favorite.

So for those who consider it a complete SURPRISE that Shockley might be Quarterbacking the Falcons this season be less SURPRISED and go back and refresh your memory assuming you have one of course. And almost ALL of the very sophisticated Black Box Fans do. And Very High IQs too.

Now we are neither contending it is an absolute certainty Vick will NOT play this season. But if you like a Good Bet then bet heavily on it and get yourself some extra Christmas money. Nor are we suggesting if Vick does not play the job of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback is DJ’s for the Taking.

Atlanta is “carrying” Two other QBs

and Shockley will have to Fight

to be Starting Quarterback

( maybe or maybe not )

Just don’t bet against him. For two reasons. Neither of his competitors are likely to be seen as Franchise Quarterbacks if Vick does not return. And if Vick does not play this year it is an open question if he will be in a position to return in 2008 and if he is it is almost certain he will have to win his Starting Job back, There is also last year’s Vince Young phenomenon. While in his case in first year it was conventional “wisdom” Young was not ready to Start at QB.. Remember ! Also see below Shockley finished just behind Young for 2005 Player of the Year.

So who is Shockley’s competition

if there is a Competition

Drum Role please

( in your head )

They are – no yawning please – Joey Harrington, third pick in the 2002 Draft who they picked up in the Off Season cheap. Also even more forgettable Chris Redman who the Falcons also picked up in the Off Season cheap. Harrington and Redman within weeks of each other early in the Spring. Just about the time some rumors of dog fighting and Michael Vick began to appear here and there ?

More important and good for Shockley’s prospects is who they got rid of in the Off Season Matt Schaub who many felt was the alternative to Vick if necessary. Well you don’t even have to be a football expert to know that axing Schaub and before picking up these two Minor QB talents that Arthur Blank had decided that if Michael Vick goes down DJ Shockley is their Man.

That Sports Fans is WHY

if Michael Vick can’t play it

may be DJ Shockley’s Job

to LOSE as Starting QB

Let’s remind you about DJ Shockley at Georgia in case you are not impressed yet even though you should be. Also that the Box is the FIRST to call this very real QB Possibility. Most of all Shockley’s senior season at Georgia in 2005 as the Bulldogs Starting Quarterback. – with a few games out because of a knee injury – Shockley returned in Triumphant to lead Georgia to the SEC Championship over the LSU Tigers 34-10 being named MVP of the SEC Championship..

Even though as a result Georgia was chosen for the Sugar Bowl and lost to the West Virginia Mountaineers in a hard fought game 38-35 it dd not diminish Shockley’s championship performance throwing for 277 yards on 20 completions and throwing for 3 TDs and also running for 71 yards.

348 Total Yards.

Shockley went on to win the well respected Bobby Bowden Award for excellence on and off the football field and requiring a minimum 3.0 college grade average to qualify for this competition. Shockley is both gifted and smart. And get this DJ came in THIRD behind only Reggie Bush and Vince Young for the 2005 Associated Press Player of the Year in College Football.


If the Call comes to QB

DJ Shockley is Ready

you should get Ready

as well he just might

DJ Shockley ….


of the Future

keep them


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