Last (Ings) Chance For Milledge

Updated: July 11, 2007



The start of the Second Half

of the MLB Baseball Season

holds new hope for Some Teams

and Some Players none more than

wayward Lastings Milledge

What’s that old saying. Like a Bad Penny he keeps showing up in the Mets dugout. As he likely will again Thursday night back one more time from a trip to the Minors. The Infant Terrible of the Mets under Willie Randolph “earned” his way back on the misery of others who have been hobbled.

Technically Milledge was back in Binghamton to rehabilitate an injured foot but everyone knows since last season had the organization been able to convince any of the other 29 teams to give the Mets anything worthwhile in return Lastings would be nothing more than a faded memory in New York City.

Instead recalled from Binghamton where he shock and awed with trademark HomeRuns he found his way to Brooklyn of all places for a brief stay with the Cyclones while others enjoyed the All Star break and others like Billy Wagner gave the American League the home team advantage in the 2007 World Series the Mets and yes even Lastings Milledge hopes to play in.

If you wanted to describe Milledge you could call him the “dark side” of Jose Reyes who also struggled in his first years with the Mets only to emerge as the team leader in many ways these last two seasons. The hope has been the same with Milledge but in his case the promise is unfulfilled.

Milledge’s lack of consistent play while in the Bigs with the Mets has been coupled with a an arrogance and a conceit his play both at the bat and in the field does not justify. But PROMISE springs eternal until it doesn’t any more.

This may be should be Lastings LAST Chance.

In his 5 game sojourn with the Class AA Binghamton Mets Milledge batted .435 with 3 HomeRuns, a double, triple and 8 runs knocked in. The kind of stats you’d expect of a young Major Leaguer recuperating for a few games in the Minors. Except in Lastings case there is no proof he will make anything but a Fool of himself back in Queens playing at Shea batting for the Mets.

That has been his best “talent” so far.

Fortunately for Milledge and not for Outfielder Carlos Gomez, Gomez is suffering with a broken hand. Likewise fortunate for Milledge but not for Endy Chavez, Chavez has a strained hamstring. And trice fortunate for Milledge but not for Moises Alou, Alou’s quadriceps are torn. Ouch.

As for Lastings style critics, his all purpose answer is “I play the game with passion.” Which sounds fine as long as you don’t ask him to explain what the hell that has to do with anything. He digs it deeper calling himself a “colorful player” who get this has a personality that is attuned to Baseball today. Another words he is the kind of package teams and fans really want and the Mets ae blessed to have him. Really ??

Still with all the braggadocio Milledge has made some concessions to Reality. Most noticeable of all he has toned down his in your face – from a dugout perspective of hair – his very obvious Dreadlocks giving them up to his hair stylist for what he calls a close cropped Afro. What he may have slightly learned is that when you are a Big Star you flaunt whatever you want including your hair but not when you are a struggling wannabe with a questionable future.

In fact all of this Trivia is of any consequence only because Lastings has yet to prove himself. If he does this second half and helps lead the Mets into the Series he will be able to Brag away as much as he wants but if his signature during July, August and September is striking out and dropping balls well he may not be around in September to find out if the Mets go all the way.

Just as he wasn’t last October

but this time there may

be NO next October

for Lastings if he does

not FINALLY Produce

Play Ball Lastings !!

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