Hudson Awarded National Community Service Award

By Off The BASN Sports Wire
Updated: July 19, 2007

ATLANTA — Orrin C. Hudson, Be Someone Inc., was awarded The National Community Service of the Year Award on June 30 at the Power Networking Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Presented by George C. Fraser, President and Founder of Fraser, Inc., Cleveland, this prestigious award tops the list of many accolades received for Hudson’s outstanding contributions to the community and service to at-risk youth in the Atlanta area. The award comes with a donation of at least $5000 from George Fraser and $5000 from Kym Yancey, who is the president of the Dallas-based eWomenNetwork.

Yancey was inspired to match Fraser’s donation when he saw the result Be Someone has produced. This conference is the largest gathering of black professionals, business owners, and community leaders in the country.

Mr. Fraser, recognized by Upscale Magazine as one of the Top 50 power brokers in Black America, and considered to be the new voice for African Americans, honored Hudson for his recent impact as mentor to teen Robert Curry. Curry was involved in drugs, gangs and guns.

His mother contacted Hudson at 1:00 AM to enlist his help with her troubled son. In order to keep Curry out of jail, Hudson agreed to mentor him, and also enrolled him in the Dale Carnegie Training Program, where he received four awards.

Curry excelled under the tutelage of Hudson and recently graduated from DeKalb Technical College G.E.D. Program. He has now been accepted into the radiology program at the college.

Curry was also present at the Power Networking Conference and received a standing ovation for his hard work and commitment to change his life into a positive force. Curry is only one of more than 20,000 students who have been touched by the caring hand of Orrin Hudson.

Hudson started Be Someone in 2001, after hearing of seven employees who were shot in a Wendy’s Restaurant in Queens, NY for $2400. Believing evil prevails when good people do nothing, Orrin gave up his thriving used car dealership to focus his entire attention and resources to helping children establish positive self esteem, stay in school and become active participants in the community.

As a national chess champion, Hudson uses the time tested strategies of chess to teach lessons of strategy, good sportsmanship, team building skills, the importance of staying in school and much more.

The author of One Move at a Time, Hudson has been honored by such prestigious groups as the NAACP, Toastmasters, several community groups and received national coverage from USA Today, CNN Headline News, CNN American Stories, and the World Network to name just a few.

In light of Hudson’s commitment to redirecting the lives of children, Mr. Fraser commented, “Orrin Hudson is a man whose commitment deserves attention.”

A screenplay about Orrin Hudson’s incredible journey, Every Move Counts, is now completed and Hudson is seeking a producer. It has been recognized in the Austin Film Festive (Second-rounder) and the Omaha Film Festival (Finalist).

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