Goodell’s Dilemma Or Is It??

Updated: July 18, 2007





Of course the Buzz

all over the Sports

Media is Vick

The Question has boiled down to what will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell do. Even more than talk about Vick himself. It is being presented in most articles as a Dilemma for Goodell and that it is impossible to decide if the NFL or the Falcons will act against Vick prior to any conviction.


Let’s break this down into logical pieces. For all those writers trying to give the impression having Michael Vick playing football every Sunday this fall is essential to the NFL’s continued success.


Or that many fans will abandon NFL football in protest if Vick is Suspended.

NONSENSE. Or that there is no basis for Goodell or the Falcons to suspend Vick because he has not been convicted of a crime.


( see what your employer does if you are indicted for Federal crimes that could put you in jail for 6 years )

Here is the REAL issue.

Goodell and the Falcons will decide what is 1) better for the image of the NFL and the Falcons, 2) what action will solidify the NFL’s ability to control the players off field activities, and 3) what decision will produce the least amount of possible protest and continuing bad news.


you lose the good news is

you will still get paid.

It may happen quickly or not. Certainly the pressure will be on Goodell to decide on Vick before the first pre-season game certainly before the first regular season game. From here it seems there is NO doubt Vick will be suspended “for the good of the game” until the legal matter is settled and if Michael Vick is exonerated and found not guilty.

The good news and the bad news for Vick is that the Falcons will continue to pay him while he is “suspended” and it will be hard for Michael Vick to present himself as a victim when 1) he does not seem to be able to deny the charges, and 2) he is going to be paid $ 10Million or so not to play football this fall.

To make a point take a look at the nightmare for the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons IF Vick plays this season. He will be THE story week after week. Vick being so visible will be the basis for never ending stories about dog fighting and the abuse of these animals. There will be constant complaints about a double standard.

For example Ricky Williams being suspended an entire season for failing a marijuana test but never having been indicted for anything and never doing anything violent toward other creatures. There are many other examples of NFL players being disciplined specifically suspended for all kinds of activities short of being convicted in a Court of Law.

Even more ….

The hallmark Roger Goodell as the NEW Commissioner has been to improve the “image” of the League very specifically referring to anti-social behavior by a certain strata of players.

THE NEW POLICY WILL BE IN SHAMBLES considered a Bad Joke if nothing happens to Michael Vick short of a conviction based on the assumption he is too popular too much of a STAR to be treated like others players would.

In fact while fellow players will not publicly criticize Goodell if he does nothing there is no denying there would be an undercurrent of contempt toward Goodell the next time he disciplines another player.

There is more ….

TWO very influential voices. The millions of millions of animal lovers many who are members of organizations are sure to find in Vick the personification of violence against animals and hound the NFL and the Falcons if Vick ia allowed to play this season. And one more members of Congress.

GUARANTEED some will conduct very public Congressional investigations of the charges and dog fighting especially if Vick is allowed to play this season.


This is a NO win situation for you Michael. Do the best crisis management you can. IF you are not guilty of any of this call a press conference immediately tell everyone what “really” happened and answer ALL the questions the media throws at you.

IF you are NOT innocent …….

Make a deal with the Falcons to insure they keep paying you short of a conviction. Stand in front of the media and publicly APOLOGIZE for such terrible behavior. Say you have voluntarily agreed NOT to play this season. Try to work out a plea bargain with the Feds. Do a small amount of minimum security time right away, become a spokesperson against animal violence, and TRY to salvage your career winning back your job for the 2008 season.

That really is the best you can do Michael

of course unless you’ve been framed

Crisis Management is

the Best Option

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