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Updated: July 28, 2007



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Back to Michael Vick. While now no one wants to be quoted specifically it is clear as we predicted you will not see Vick playing in a Falcons game again until he is found INNOCENT of all charges at a Trial.

FAT CHANCE. Bet you house and your family Vick will NOT be found INNOCENT of all charges..

And in case you did not hear yet rather than Vick being the Smart One and gaining some control by bering the first to Plea BARGAIN of course one of the other Defendants just did and will make it official in Court Monday.

Who might that be. Tony Taylor who found the dog fighting house for Vick that MIchael Vick purchased and operated the “kennel” for Vick. What does that mean exactly. Only that Vick just lost his most important leverage in the case.

The Feds don’t need him any more to solidify their case. If they ever did. Michael ought to think of the following possibility. All THREE of the others plea bargain leaving him swinging in the breeze the ONLY defendant.

Actually that could be a good thing. Except SORRY Michael you were not a casual participant says the Indictment. You were the BOSS. By the time Vick gets around to Plea BARGAINING it may be ” OK Michael how does 4 years in a Federal prison near home sound as opposed to 6 years HARD time ?”

Anyway we don’t want to spoil our story line

even if Tony Taylor may have

It may still be useful for Vick and if not the next Big Time player with a Major Problem can use this Box free of charge. Assuming Vick really goes all the way to Trial in November or for whatever reason it is delayed to December or January. It is clear Vick will not play in the NFL until after the Trial.

That is if he wins ( right )

At the same time he does have an argument to make that will resonate with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Falcons owner Arthur Blank keeping me off the Gridiron is not fair – then the mantra – innocent until proven guilty. As we know yes Vick can be “innocent until proven guilty ” and he still is not going to be allowed to play in the NFL until this matter is resolved

WHAT MICHAEL CAN ARGUE EFFECTIVELY IS temporarily “release” me from my contract so I can go play in Canada. Yes we already offered Michael this very good advice but now it is worth being the focus of our attention especially since some journalists and readers are under the delusion NO Canadian Football League team will want him.


Not ONLY will CFL teams want Vick they will line up to BEG him to choose them.

PLEASE TAKE OUR MONEY. Vick is literally a Gift from God if he decides to ask for permission to play in the CFL this season. Getting the highest paid and most visible player in the NFL and the most exciting too.

PLEASE Brothers & Sisters the dynamics for the CFL are completely different than for the NFL. For them some small protests in their huge country with their tiny population is nothing more than an inconvenience worth paying rather than the CRISIS as it would be for the NFL here in the USA,.

INNOCENT until proven guilty they will say. And by the way IF Vick is convicted during our season we will cut him. Well they won’t have to since IF (read when) Vick is convicted he will be forced to turn in his Passport and stay within a small area wearing an ankle bracelet until sentenced.

So here is the scenario we like ….

Michael plays in the CFL until their early season ends making lots of money far more important Starting every week and developing his skills because honestly Vick is not going to be all that concerned if his CFL team wins or loses and …….

………… he is unlikely to be available for their Championship game anyway. Come December just as the Trial is about to begin Vick FINALLY Plea BARGAINS. And while the Feds will be tempted to tell him to GO to Hell.. They have three “eye witnesses” to testify against him and a pile of evidence the pressure on the Feds will be very very HEAVY from lots of powerful sources ( reed Goodell and Blank and big name politicos ) to allow Vick to make a Deal and he will as follows …….

Vick will plead GUILTY to all charges, be fined $1Million+, required to publicly apologize to dog lovers and the entire nation and “agree” to serve 6 months beginning immediately in a minimum security Federal prison CAMP..

Vick will be

released by July 2008

in time to report to

Falcons pre-season

CAMP intent on

wining his job back

very fit being away

from Marijuana and

a “rich” diet during

his prison CAMP

rehabilitation and

NFL and Falcons will

find it in their Big Hearts

to forgive and forget

because they want

Vick’s TV value



In truth the only problem with our Brilliant Strategy is Tony Taylor and his Plea BARGAIN. That makes it tougher for Vick even though it was inevitable. The longer Vick waits to Plea BARGAIN the worse for him. Then again we answered that problem in today’s Box. Go back and read it if necessary.

Especially you MIchael Vick !!

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