Barry’s Final Season Fall Indictment Expected

Updated: July 21, 2007



It’s appear 3 or

even one hundred

more Home Runs

by Barry Bonds

will not allow him

to escape his Fate

Various notable media sources are publicly reporting information they are receiving that Barry’s nine lives are about to run out in October or November. That the San Francisco Federal prosecutors are increasingly confident they have a strong case to go to trial indicting Bonds for lying to a Grand Jury about his Steroid use. While it was unlikely any MLB club would hire Bonds for the 2008 season despite his Bravado he would play for 5 season more or more than that, any indictment will end that unlikely speculation forever.

Yes the Barry Bonds Story gets repeated over and over again from every angle anchored by his supporters and his detractors. Yet it keeps coming back again and again. And if you think about it although Bonds would like to see it all go away it can’t. For two basic unavoidable reasons.

One is that in the next few days at most a week or two barring something completely unexpected Barry Bonds will surpass Hank Aaron as the player with the most HomeRuns in his career. Baseball’s most prestigious and “god like” title of all the many that Baseball extolls. Had Bonds not used Steroids his career total would probably have been 600+ not good enough for Barry.

The other issue which equally keeps this story alive and inseparable from it is the Steroids. Unless Barry has never used Steroids which almost no one believes including his supporters, the moment he began lying to try and protect the fiction he had not, he was digging a hole it was almost impossible for him to extricate himself. Yes indeed we live in a society where too many of those who commit crime high profile crime walk away scott free.

But one component of the rich and powerful denying justice is usually that they become invisible out of the public eye where powerful lawyers and a judiciary that can be swayed can do their dirty work in the dark.

That’s not Barry’s situation

At the same time in recent months neither can it be denied that it looked like Barry might escape the Hangman’s Noose. That he and his advisors were doing a very good job of creating the NEW Barry the likable Barry the Barry who could be separated from allegations of Steroid use the Barry who might as well be allowed to break Hank Aaron’s record in style and to cheers. That it was time to give Barry a break and forget about the other stuff maybe even under the self serving banner of “for the good of Baseball.”

It might still end that way

but it probably won’t

here is the Problem

Federal prosecutors believing they have a strong case that Barry LIED to the Grand Jury – and keep in mind a STRONG case is essential – but believing they have substantial evidence to make that case before a jury NOT to indict Bonds, for the prosecutors to say to themselves we’ll indict lots of other people for lots of other kinds of crimes but we’ll give Barry Bonds a free pass WELL THERE IS NO LOGIC TO DOING THAT.

Give Barry a free pass from justice even though they believe he both lied to a grand jury and used steroids ( they are one and the same issue here you can’t have one without the other ) then because he surpassed Aaron because he used Steroids to do it reward him further by not prosecuting him. If so that would mean our system is so corrupt it is beyond saving.

That is a clear and unambiguous message to Bonds’ supporters ( trying not to call them his Apologists ). If the powerful and the famous can escape justice why shouldn’t everyone. It would be one thing if the Feds didn’t have a strong case or if Bonds never benefited from Steroids or …….

………. had mistakenly used them once or twice. Again the point is if they don’t have a STRONG case they will not indict him for that very reason his power and his fame and the legitimate outrage if it were to be a weak case that can’t be substantiated and likely to lose in Court.

That is the Point for Today

If Bonds is indicted for

lying about steroid use

as various sources are

reporting will happen

this Fall then you can bet

it’s a STRONG case

or they would not so

the Question for Bonds’

supporters is this do they

believe some Americans

including Barry Bonds

should be ABOVE

the Law and if so

where does that leave

the Rest of US( A)

and why don’t

the rest of us

deserve the


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