Who Was The MVP Again?

By Boyce Watkins
Updated: June 3, 2007

Basketball Hoop NEW YORK — I hate to say “I told you so”, so I am not going to say it. Instead, I’ll just think it out loud. In fact, the King said it for me this week, as we watched Lebron James do what MVPs do.

James carried his team to the NBA Finals with a swagger only possessed by the truest pimps in the land. Tim Duncan has gotten his Spurs to so many NBA Finals that many of us have lost count.

That, my friends, is what MVP’s look like. They carry their teams to amazing heights and when the game is on the line, they deliver like Domino’s Pizza. Dirk Nowitzki, an above-average player for the Dallas Mavericks, couldn’t even carry his team past the “mighty” eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors, a team that was girly-slapped in the following round.

I have never, in my life, seen an alleged MVP look so pathetic in such a crucial situation. I was just hoping he wouldn’t break down and cry. Would the 22-year old Lebron James have given up on his team like that? Nope.

Would Duncan just disappear in such an important game? He never has. Have you ever seen Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant search for the Tampax so quickly?

Not in this lifetime.

So, once again, I will say this to the grave: Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki were chosen as MVP’s partly because they were white. They are damn good players and great guys, but they are clearly NOT MVP’s.

The league has searched for a “Great White Hope” since Boston’s Larry Bird, and Nash/Nowitzki are the closest they’ve come in 20 years. If LeBron James were a WHITE man who scored 29 of his team’s final 30 points in a major playoff game, they would replace the Statue of Liberty with his image and let him sleep with the President’s wife.

There is no way on earth that anyone in their right mind could possibly argue that they would rather have Nash or Nowitzki in the fourth quarter with a tough game on the line.

Nash and Nowitzki can IMPROVE a team. LeBron and Tim can CARRY a team. Nash and Nowitzki hope their team WILL win, while LeBron and Tim WILL their teams to win.

Nash and Nowitzki let the game come to them. Tim and LeBron go get the game and TAKE it. LeBron and Tim don’t just make their teams better, they manifest the very existence of their franchise.

So, being a professor who gives and takes back grades for a living, I am going to formally reverse the MVP decision for this year. The Boyce Watkins MVP Trophy goes to King James of The Cleveland Cavaliers (currently with his coach watching game film).

It is certainly not Dirk Nowitzki (currently with his wife watching Oprah). I am not taking anything away from Nash and Nowitzki, but as long as LeBron, Tim and Kobe exist, these guys are not the best.

If you are also a believer, send me an e-mail.We can start this movement together.