Where Should Kobe Go We Know You Know

Updated: June 26, 2007



We’re here to try and unpackage

the Kobe Bryant nonsense

why bother why not

we’re humans and

we spend most

of our time on


Kobe is either one confused but very rich basketball player or he is a brilliant strategist who in the confusion he is creating about himself and his interest in the Lakers, has a very specific plan in operation.

OR he may be a guy who has one too many far too often. Let’s see if we can make you care at all.

We begin with one Big Dilemma for Kobe anyway. He wants to WIN which means the Lakers fielding a Championship Team but but but Kobe does not want anyone around who might draw any attention away from him.

He “successfully” got rid of Shaq when he made it more than clear he and O’Neal did not belong on the same team anymore. Would the Lakers be doing better if aging O’Neal was still in LA. Maybe maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

That was not an option to keep Kobe happy. The Lakers could be the NBA Champs but if it meant Shaq was still on the team Kobe would still be very very unhappy. And the reason for the Kobe Drama is simply that Kobe is unhappy and what Kobe wants is to be happy.

The latest rumor if you care is that Kobe “definitely” wants out and the Lakers will “definitely” not let him go. The more pertinent rumor is that the Lakers are trying to grab Kevin Garnett from the Timberwolves so Kobe will have a new playmate and make him happy because the Lakers might win.

Except how can hiring another SuperStar possibly make Kobe happy when there will be somebody else on the Court game after game taking attention AWAY from Kobe which will surely make him unhappy.

Please Kevin Garnett is NOT the answer except if it really is to give Kobe his other wish for the Lakers to give him a trade to another team he might want to play for, and Garnet the Lakers “replacement” to keep their fans happy. Since Garnett it seems is also unhappy in Minnesota maybe that is the Deal.

But where will Kobe be HAPPY everyone seems to think in Chicago, Unfortunately Kobe is not going to be happy to hear it appears the Chicago Bulls really don’t want Kobe. Depending on who you believe because they think their existing young team is poised for Greatness and breaking it up to bring in Kobe is not their idea of fun, Another view is that the Bulls owner is not willing to shell out the BIG bucks Kobe would cost. Here is another that Chicago would like to get Kevin Garnett not Kobe.

We could go on with this BS all

day and night but why bother.

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. Kobe should go to the Knicks. Who cares whether or not the Knicks could really use him. Or if they have to give up every single player of the few they have worth keeping.

Who cares about anything but that 1) Kobe is a BIGBIG name, 2) Knicks owner Jimmy Dolan does two thing well SPEND money and make dumb choices, and 3) Isiah Thomas is the Knicks coach and sucker for any deal that will give him a reason for Dolan to keep him around. Thomas will tell Dolan he can rebuild the Knicks around Kobe but it will take 2, 3 maybe 4 years to do.

Kobe and the Knicks

Jimmy Dolan and

Isiah Thomas make

a perfect match

Lakers whatever

you want the answer

is YES Jimmy will pay

Kobe stop the BS

you can have ALL

the money in the world

start packing your bags

for New York City and

Isiah write yourself

yet another

new contract YES

anything you want

Dolan “knows”

you and Kobe will

SAVE the Knicks !

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