Tiger Where Are The Baby Pictures

Updated: June 20, 2007




So there is NO misunderstanding

we wish Tiger and Elin and their

new baby daughter ALL the Best

still we deal in Satire and Big Themes

here in the Black Box and …….

Tiger Woods being as Famous as he is, and as uninterested as he is in the plight of “fellow” African Americans in Sports and Golf most of all as a Very Public Figure, Tiger is a Symbol and what he does and does not do has a real impact on the public discourse and how people think.

So we will go where NO other media will

and discuss the implications of Tiger’s

new daughter to his wealth creation

and his self image and why we might

see the first photos of ‘Sam’ Woods

sooner or later depending ….

The fact is Tiger Woods benefits mightily financially as being a worldwide universal marketing figure. That is why Corporate America loves him.

IF the first impression everyone got is AFRICAN American he’d only be a multi-millionaire rather than a Zillionaire.

And we contend here in the Box again and again and again Tiger is very very conscious of the fact and the very reason he NEVER speaks publicly as an AFRICAN American. Has NEVER championed a clearly AFRICAN American cause inside or outside of Sports. You can blame his father and mother if you want for his state of mind. But it doesn’t matter he is 31 years old and responsible for what he does and the decisions he makes.

There are those who think Tiger marrying Elin was nothing more or less than a matter of Pure Love. And maybe that is all there is to it. On the other hand ever see Tiger with a Black Girl Friend before he met Elin. Certainly Tiger did not LOSE by marrying a White Beauty. It fit very very well with his Marketing Image and appealing to those with Money. She being European even better.

Now along come Sam Alexis Woods

While the first pictures of Tiger and Elin with their certainly beautiful new daughter might not appear in a Nike commercial they don’t need to. Tiger as the Ultimate Young Father and his Very Beautiful White Wife and now a Family with their Brand New Daughter will cause Tiger’s marketing value to SOAR to even new heights no matter what he does on the Golf Course.

STOP the cameras there might be

one BIG problem what IF

Sam Alexis is Black !

No no one is going to be disappointed. There will be no racial overtones. But Tiger and Elin in a wonderful family photo with their new BLACK daughter is far far less valuable to Tiger then the two of them with Tiger’s new WHITE daughter because if Tiger now has a beautiful new BLACK daughter physically and psychologically it is going to be a whole lot tougher for Tiger not to see himself as AFRICAN American and everyone else the same.

Here in the Box we think ..

The best thing in the world that could have happened to Tiger Woods is if his new daughter was born BLACK the Blacker the more beautiful. Just maybe it will be Tiger’s Wake Up Call and this life changing experience and looking at his precious new daughter again and again and again and seeing himself in her Blackness will lead to him publicly identifying himself with his own Roots and his own Black heritage in ways he has been unwilling to do.

Because unlike one noted NY Times

columnist recently wrote excusing

Tiger for any responsibility for

Larger Issues IF ..

Tiger Woods ever stood in front of a microphone for the first time in his Life and said ” It is a disgrace I am the only African American on the Tour and the PGA must take action to become inclusive .. and continued if anything it is even worse in the LPGA and if my beautiful BLACK daughter grows up and become a professional golfer herself I do not want to live in a world where she will be the ONLY African American golfer she ever sees on the Tour.”

Imagine Tiger Woods making

a Statement like that it just

might happen IF Sam Alexis

is clearly AFRICAN American

NO chance at all IF it turns out

she’s White as her Mother

Tiger show us those

Baby Pictures !

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