Updated: June 19, 2007



Looks like Hank Aaron

isn’t going to sit by like

some patsy while his

Incredible Record is

usurped by a Fraud

With great fanfare on Monday Aaron was in his Glory while he and his wife were front and center in Atlanta while a huge airliner with his name, his picture and his record was unveiled by Delta Airline executives to honor him.

There will remain One True Home Run King in Baseball until and unless someone legitimately breaks his Record of 755 Career HomeRuns. That certainly excludes Barry Bonds who came one HR closer Sunday in Boston to becoming the Phony HomeRun “King” only 7 steroid soaked HomeRuns ‘behind’ Hank Aaron. Of course Bonds will always be far far in back of Hank Aaron.

All those African Americans criticizing Aaron for refusing to kiss Bond’s needle marked ass, and who think the criticism of Bonds is some White Boy Conspiracy should have talked to Bonds instead before he turned to the Needle. But of course if they had and Bonds listened to logic there would be NO Controversy. Bonds would end his career far short of 755 Home Runs if he had chosen Integrity.

Back in Atlanta Monday ..

73 year old Aaron was proud as could be to watch a brand new 757 dedicated to him and his achievements. Actually Bonds should make a counter-move. Try and convince Goodyear to name one of their HOT air balloons that show up at most big sport event in honor of Barry. Wouldn’t that be appropriate.

If you also don’t know Hank Aaron has categorically announced he will be NO where near anywhere Barry Bonds is the day or night he hits his so called 755th or 756th Home Run or any other. As Hank says even if it happens in Atlanta 5 minutes away from Hank Aaron’s home. To make his sentiments even clearer Aaron has told reporters he doesn’t even know how to spell Bonds’ name.

It’s Great to see this Fighting Spirit in Hank Aaron. Rather than being some pliant N_ _ _ _ who simply puts his tail between his legs, takes a deep breath and puts on a phony smile to stand besides Bonds and congratulate him as some other wildly mis-guided African Americans would have him do.

In fact if you listen to “them” you’d never guess the REAL record holder is another Black Black Player, nor that there is anything wrong with Cheating. And let’s also get to the BS that fans around the country Boo Bonds because he is Black. If that other BS Artist Jason Giambi was the one chasing Aaron’s record the reaction of fans would be exactly the same. So drop that Lie.

Bonds it is common knowledge in recent years under the “guidance” of some professional spin masters has been trying cosmetic surgery on his well deserved image as an aloof, mean spirited loner who would not even mingle with his fellow SF Giant players and insisted that the player lockers on both sides of his remain vacant so none of them got too close to him.

Now the “new” Barry has a feel good Website where he comes across as so sweet and kind. And he plays nice with the media and other players sometimes. But it isn’t going to work as long as he insists on Living a Lie. Of course he will NEVER admit the years of Steroid use. That will insure his Demonfication.

But the fact he won’t should not and will not exonerate him. Many will NEVER accept him as the Home Run King. Had he never taken Steroids Bonds would have still been one of the Greats of the Game. Honored for the rest of his Life and a guaranteed Hall of Famer. Instead he got wrapped up in his Hubris and being Great was not enough. Bonds would settle for no less than being KING. No matter the cost to himself or the Sport he “loved.”

Now forever Barry Bonds

will always be a Tragic Figure and

forever live and die in the shadow

of the Truly Great Hank Aaron

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