King James Takes On A Championship Dynasty

By Gregory Moore
Updated: June 6, 2007

It's big brother versus little brother in the 2007 NBA Finals

It's big brother versus little brother in the 2007 NBA Finals

SAN ANTONIO — This is no easy task for LeBron James and it shouldn’t be. Greatness is never just handed to an individual on a silver platter.

Usually those who are chosen for greatness must go through trials and tribulations to achieve the anointed rewards that are foretold. For James, that means he has to lead his Cleveland Cavaliers past a battle tested San Antonio Spurs team that has a nucleus of players who have won titles together.

If James and his teammates don’t realize how difficult winning a title is going to be, they may want to listen to their head coach. Mike Brown was a part of the 2003 championship team the Spurs had and he was Gregg Popovich’s guy when it came to defensive assignments. But that doesn’t mean that he has all the answers.

“The Spurs are a tremendous team,” Brown said after his team’s conference title win. “They know how to win championships and they will not allow us to play our game like we did early in the season. This is a different Spurs team than what we saw in the regular season.”

Brown and his top assistant, Hank Egan, have been down this path before and the Cavs’ General Manager, Danny Ferry, knows the exhilaration of winning a title as a player as he was a part of the 1999 championship team.

That is what makes James’ task more difficult than what some experts think; the fact that his superiors know the kind of preparation the Spurs will put into stopping him.

James has averaged almost 30 ppg against the Spurs in his eight previous contests but this is going to be a different situation he faces. Unlike most teams, the Spurs’ staff do a spectacular job of providing individual DVDs to its players on their assignments.

They have strategy sessions that could rival an Army situation room. If James thinks that his team is going to be able to do to the Spurs what they did to Detroit, that will not be the case.

“To stop James, it’s going to take a collective effort,” Popovich told the press after practice over the weekend. “He is like a more athletic Oscar Robertson and we have to be ready.”

Whether you compare James to the Big O or to Magic Johnson, the task for the Cavs winning the series falls not on King James but his teammates and that is where they may have problems. The Spurs are the best close out defensive team in the league and they can take star players out of their comfort zones quickly.

Dismantling the Spurs is not going to be an easy task for James and his teammates. The Spurs just aren’t another team in their way; they are a dynasty in the making that is just as hungry as the Cavs are.

Experts are trying to make this a series and for the fans that may be a good thing. Yet the Cavs’ chances are very slim to none. Experience in this situation will win you a championship in this case.

The Spurs, as a group, are 3-0 in these series. In order for James to win his first he has to defrock a dynasty in the making and that is difficult to do.