Howard Really Is The One

Updated: June 28, 2007



505 feet is a very long distance

to hit a baseball but that’s what

Ryan Howard did Wednesday

the longest HomeRun ever

hit in the Philly’s ballpark

Where does a 505 ft. HomeRun rate in the record books. In fact in the sport with more records kept than all other sports put together there is no official or even agreed upon record book for the longest HomeRuns. It is “claimed” Mickey Mantle most of all but others including steroid “king” Mark McGuire have hit HRs well in excess of 550 ft. even 600 ft. but no definite proof.

In reality there are some who claim the longest verified HomeRun is Major League history was by another great African American player Cecil Fielder in Milwaukee, on September 14, 1991. How long 502 ft. That’s right IF you accept that unofficial “record” than Ryan Howard just hit the longest verified HomeRun in Major League history. Congratulations Ryan!

Whether it is or isn’t much more to the point Ryan Howard’s HomeRun Wednesday night in Philadelphia against Cincinnati in a losing effort, was Howard’s 100th HomeRun of his Major League career. That’s definite.

That does produce an OFFICIAL record a very very impressive OFFICIAL record. It was Howard’s 100th Home Run in only his 325th Major League game.

IN ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY it is the most HomeRuns ever hit by any player in the Major Leagues in so few games into his career.

That says two very important things about Ryan Howard. He is on track to be one of the greatest HomeRun hitters of all time. And maybe more to the point right now Howard is coming back strong from a very very weak opening to this only his second full MLB season. His disastrous start after putting up Olympian numbers last season and being named National League MVP in 2006 had his “critics” claiming Howard was way over-rated.


The good news is that with Philadelphia surging and making a run on First Place in the NL East with Howard healthy once again with good stats with 18 HRs and 56 RBIs if still a low batting average of .256 in 56 games, the 2007 season is once again looking bright for Howard and his team. At his current pace Ryan will hit in excess of 50 HomeRuns again and get over 150 RBIs. Last season Howard had 58 HRs and 149 RBIs and .

313 batting average.

One disappointment for Howard and the career stats he might achieve is that the Phillies kept him buried in the Minors for so long. He did not play his first Major League game until he was 25. He will be 28 in November.

If he plays another 12 seasons without injuries and keeps up the same HomeRun pace he would still fall short of his potential to become the All Time HomeRun Champ a very worthy successor to Hank Aaron. There is no good reason Ryan did not make his Major League debut at 21 or 22 except he didn’t.

There is also no doubt Ryan Howard does not dwell on such What IF issues. What certainly does have his attention is the good feeling of getting back to form and playing like the “old” Ryan Howard again.

Welcome back Ryan

where you belong

now go hit more

HomeRuns 50 or

more this season

and stay forever

Young !

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