Hall Of Famers Gwynn, Ripken Cast Their Votes For Bonds

By David White and John Shea
Updated: June 29, 2007

Cal Ripken (left) and Tony Gwynn

Cal Ripken (left) and Tony Gwynn

SAN FRANCISCO — Giants manager Bruce Bochy cast a public All-Star Game vote for Barry Bonds on Tuesday, and he won’t get an argument from Hall of Fame-bound Tony Gwynn or Cal Ripken Jr.

Gwynn and Ripken said in a teleconference that Bonds should play in the All-Star Game no matter what people think about steroid allegations.

“Yes, there’s a shadow hanging over the top of him,” Ripken said. “When I think of Barry, I think of an all-star player. Sometimes, especially toward the end of your career, you have to have those all-stars who are considered career all-stars at the games.”

Rosters are released Sunday. Bonds is fourth in voting among National League outfielders. He entered Friday night’s game with a team-high 15 home runs, 35 RBI, and a .294 batting average.

“You look at his numbers, he’s that guy on the Giants’ roster, so I don’t have a problem with him playing in the game at all,” Gwynn said. “When the game is in his ballpark, I just believe he should be there.”

Bochy cast his official ballot after making a public endorsement of catcher Bengie Molina, pitcher Matt Morris and you-know-who.

“Of course, Barry,” Bochy said. “Look at what he’s doing at 42 and his career, the game being here. Obviously, he’s a guy who should be here.”

As for the Hall of Fame, Gwynn said there’s “no question” Bonds should get in. Ripken was a little less ringing in his endorsement.

“I assume innocence until proof is otherwise given,” Ripken said. “Having said that, the natural tendency is to be suspicious.”