Cavs’ Chances Slim, None And Fading Fast In Finals

By Greg Moore
Updated: June 11, 2007

“Watching LeBron Sunday , I saw a something different than what most people saw. I thought he was extremely aggressive with the ball. He drove to the hoop a lot more than he did in Game 1. A LOT more. He failed to finish on a couple drives and could have gotten calls on a few more. But, essentially, Bowen and Ginobili did nothing to prevent him from driving the lane. This bodes well for Tuesday at home, where LeBron is naturally more aggressive and will get more calls.”

– Cleveland Cavs’ fan post on

The FinalsSAN ANTONIO — Oh, the witnesses are truly witnessing a bona fide butt whooping right now. The whooping is so bad they firmly believe that the Cavs can take the next three games in the NBA Finals series and they will post anything on anybody’s board that will let them.

Truth of the matter on this series is simple: It’s over Cavs. It’s flat over. As easy as it may seem to say that the Cavs have been in a 0-2 position before, they have never been in this particular series.

As a franchise, they have never seen something as formidable as this event. For the record folks, coming back from an 0-2 deficit is not an easy task. Recent memory fails me as to whether a team down like the Cavs was ever capable of inning four straight games.

Heck, I’m hard pressed to remember if a team in the Finals that was down 0-2 was even capable of winning three out of four games in the series.Yes indeed, the task is daunting and that is why the Cavs’ chances are fading faster than Tony Soprano’s hairline.

There is nothing wrong with Cavs’ fans rooting their team on. After all both teams have made it to the elite of the elite in the NBA so far yet there is one major problem; the Cavs are so young right now that no thinks they can handle the pressure that is put in front of them.

Now of course LeBron James and company think otherwise; so much so that many of them are believing that they all they need to do is ‘upgrade’ their playing style.

“I think it’s just an upgrade from series to series, you know, from the first round to the second round, Conference Finals, and then to The Finals it’s an upgrade,” James said after their 104-92 loss on Sunday.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, the intensity level automatically picks up. The team is better. It doesn’t matter if it’s Detroit or the Spurs. Every round gets a little harder.”

That mindset in itself is the very reason why the Cavs are in the predicament they are in today. Being in the Finals isn’t an upgrade; it’s a whole new ride. It’s like going from the outhouse to the penthouse.

The Cavs are so busy calling their boys from the 24k plated phone in the master suite bathroom, they are not noticing that the Spurs are next door orchestrating a coup attempt on their kingdom. The Cavs are taking that “just happy to be here” line and the Spurs are just flat out wearing them out to no end.

If you don’t think that is the case then ask yourself this question: how come the Cavs haven’t shown up in both games? BronBron has had an abysmal game performance in both contests and the only good thing is that he is a little more aggressive at the Q.

Okay, I’m down with the whole home cooking bit but a true champ can grub away from mama’s meatloaf and dine on the opponent’s heart to get the job done. Is there anyone in the kingdom of Witnessville that can say that their leader has the stomach to eat fried pickles, chimichangas, chalupas and chicken and waffles from the Alamo City?

They can’t say yeah the King can because in two games LeBron has been reaching for the Pepcid and Rolaids every chance he can get. That is why his chances of winning a game here in this series are very slim.

If the chances are slim right now, you better believe they are definitely none in winning the whole series. Forget the vague references of “well, the Miami Heat did it last year against a Texas team” because that’s nothing more than wishful thinking. To be brutally honest in that situation, the Mavericks were not even supposed to be there.

Their fans know this and the basketball world knows this. You want to talk about being a sacrificial lamb being slaughtered, it was the Mavs. The proof of that is in their playoff performance this year. Where are they? Sitting at home trying to figure out why the Cavs are in the playoffs and they aren’t.

As much as it is easy to say the Cavs are about business, they simply are too laid back in this series. Tony Parker shouldn’t be getting to the basket at will. Tim Duncan is just manhandling the bigs. And Manu Ginobili? Heck I think Leandro Barbosa might want to give Manu the sixth man award.

Being competitive in this series isn’t rocket science. The Cavs need to play better and do better. The excuses of maybe a little home cooking or sleeping in their own bed won’t fly here. What LeBron and company needs to realize is that you only get one crack at winning a title in order to go after subsequent ones. If he and his teammates are truly about winning titles they need to do something this week.

Right now their chances are slim, their opportunities have ran out and their hopes of being contenders in the league have faded away after Sunday’s loss. The time is now for this team to realize what is at stake and quit making excuses as to why they can’t do this or do that.

If the Cavs want to win, they need to do it in championship fashion. Maybe that means watching the Spurs win their fourth one so that they can have some inspiration.

NOTE: This column was written prior to Tuesday’s Game 2 contest at Cleveland.