BASN Q&A: Who Is Troy Browning?

By Tom Donelson
Updated: June 24, 2007

Troy Browning

Troy Browning

IOWA CITY, Ia. — I suspect that very few boxing fans know who Troy Browning is.

As a fighter, he has fought only 10 rounds in the past nine years.Yes, he came into his fight with Julio Cesar “Babyface” Garcia undefeated. But most of those opponents were hardly what we would consider an elite fighter much less than the top ten.

Garcia was considered a super prospect with eleven straight knockouts and Browning was simply suppose to be another notch on Garcia’s boxing resume. At 40, Browning seemed outgunned by a fighter half his age.

Something happened on the way to yet another Garcia knockout; Browning did not read the script and choose to rewrite the ending.

Just look at the first round, one thing became obvious.

Garcia had the polish of a fighter who has been involved in over 40 professional fights. Another became just as obvious that despite being apparently outclassed by a younger and stronger fighter, Browning was determined to find a way to pull off the upset.

Throughout the early rounds, Garcia appeared satisfied with throwing minimum punches; doing just enough to lose the early rounds. Browning used movement to escape the harder blows of his opponent and acted the part of the wily veteran.

Whereas Garcia appeared lethargic, Browning shot sharp and straight hands from his southpaw stance Browning used his boxing skills to keep Garcia off balanced and Garcia often failed to impose his size advantage and power upon his older opponent.

There are times when fights are decided less by skills and more than guile and smarts This was one of those fights as Garcia came in this fight being the prohibitive favorite but during the fight, he rarely pressed his advantages.

As the fight wore on, it was the younger fighter who appeared to be exhausted.

In the latter rounds, Browning looked the fresher of the two.

As for Browning, this will be his high water mark, a televised victory on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. At the age of 40, there isn’t much time for Browning to advance his career.

A severe knee injury delayed his career nearly decade ago and after nearly nine years in boxing exile, there are very few tomorrows for Browning.

As for Garcia, this fight adds questions. Did Garcia suffer from some ailments that reduced his effectiveness or did he suffer from overconfidence? Was Browning a better fighter that we thought or is Garcia over rated?

Garcia should have won this fight but he didn’t. He’s a young fighter and certainly, the skills are present but there is more to boxing than just skills. Concentration and taking every opponent seriously is a sign of maturity.

Coming unprepared and not ready to rumble against an inferior opponent is a sign of immaturity. The jury is still out on Garcia and the question that remains, just how good is he?

What became apparent during the fight that the 40-year-old Browning’s hand speed was quicker than the younger Garcia. Was this a sign that he really doesn’t have what it takes to take it to another level or this was a case of an immature fighter not ready for prime time?

Speaking of good fighters, Ricky Hatton managed to clinch the title of the king of the Junior Welterweight. Okay, the excuses have already be made, Jose Castillo was over the hill and his battle with Diego Corrales took their toll.

All may even be true but Hatton dominated the action. His hand speed was quicker and he even out body punched one of boxing’s premier body punchers.

Hatton fought Castillo fight just as Diego Corrales fought Castillo fight in their classic matches.

And Hatton beat Castillo at his game. He fought on the inside and there was time that he smothered his own punches but he took Castillo’s best and his hooks along with upper cuts often stopped Castillo in his track.

For the first three rounds, Hatton bullied, punched and bullied some more. Castillo never gathered any momentum or rhythm and in the fourth, Hatton missed with a right but a left hook nailed Castillo in the liver and down went with the Mexican for the count.

Hatton now has won his two biggest fights and won them decisively. Against Koysa Tzyu, he was the underdog and yet he wore the proud Tzyu down. While he was the favorite against Castillo , there were many boxing pundits who viewed Castillo as the favorite.

Hatton may have beat an old Castillo but he won in impressive fashion. He’s now the king of Junior Welterweights and he is one guy who seems able to fill arenas.

Thousands of his fellow Brits traveled to Vegas to see their guy win.

This shows the global outreach of boxing and how boxing is finding new heroes overseas.