Another Black View Of Golf Better One To Live By

Updated: June 19, 2007



While Tiger contemplates

how he could LOSE the US Open

to a fat middle age chain smoking

unknown Argentine golfer

this past Weekend and while

others wonder what Color is

Tiger’s brand new daughter

just born this Monday

Along comes Morgan Freeman. More precisely an article by him in Newsweek Magazine about his new found love of Golf. Freeman’s comments and observations offer a very interesting counter-point to Tiger Wood’s world.

More significantly if only between the lines of Freeman’s Ode to Golf can be found more reason to be perplexed that African Americans have not embraced Golf in such a way that we would be seeing more Black American Golfers on TV other than the camera locked on to Tiger Woods.

We are largely going to let Mr. Morgan Freeman speak for himself as he does in the current issue of Newsweek. It is worth noting as you will see taking up golf as he approached his 70th birthday he now speaks of the sport almost in, actually he does speak of Golf in religious terms.

If we take him at his Word and why not ( he’s no Barry Bonds ) it s worth reading between his lines to the fact that given all the Obstacles there is still NO sufficiently logical reason there are so few African American golfers in general and specifically virtually none on the pro tours. Except Tiger.

Even if you take the view that Golf is a “better off” men’s and women’s sport it is still a Stereotype if we don’t concede there are enough successful upper middle class and even wealthy African American families that many other Blacks young and old should find the same Joy in Golf Morgan Freeman now has.

What is really needed and it shouldn’t be a far fetched “dream” African American owned and operated country clubs where Quality Golf can be played. Not those few municipal golf course most of which it is a real stretch to call credible golf courses. No Black America needs REAL country clubs.

Separate but Equal may not be the Best Solution to American Sports for African Americans but Separate AND Equal is far better than Separate AND Excluded. Whether it’s Golf or Baseball or any other Sport. In fact a STRONG case can be made that for the next Decade Separate BUT Equal in many Sports is the best strategy for young African American boys and girls, women and men to become skilled in all those Sports Black Americans are excluded from by Constant Neglect by White America which is another form of Racism.

NO sense waiting for Tiger

to truly Integrate Golf

we’ll wait Forever

SORRY Morgan this Box is supposed to be about you. And it is. You and your new found interest in Golf can be seen as a basis for extending your message about Golf far and wide in the African American community.

Now finally Morgan Freeman

in Newsweek Magazine

in his own Words ….

” I celebrated my 70th birthday this month. When I think about getting older, the main thing I often wonder is “How much older can I get?” But you can’t worry too much about that. You just have to take in every little moment, and do all you can to ensure a healthy future. ”

” To transition into this new chapter of my life, I figured that it would be best for me to decide the kind of game I wanted to play. My business partner, Bill Luckett, suggested I try golf.’

” I travel a lot, and that’s hours of sitting in one position; I was no longer engaging in enough exercise. I worried about blood clots in my legs. After a few games, I quickly became a bona fide addict. I’ve lost many pounds since I started golfing. I get fresh air, I walk in wide open spaces. ”

” Golf marks a major turning point for me, because I felt like I needed a change. But I never expected golf to be its own religion, a kind of spiritual journey. When you’re aiming at the golf ball, it’s the only thing in the universe of any importance. You’re totally alone on the green. Yet it’s not a lonely experience, because the game of golf is a journey that you take with your friends. The bigger point here is that golf is a good metaphor for one’s life. The challenge of golf for me is trying to learn new rules. It’s something you always have to work at; you don’t get perfect at golf. It’s the never-ending quest for betterment. ”

” I don’t think there is anyone in the world who would claim to have really mastered golf, or life. They’re both constantly changing on you. One day, you think you’ve got it all working. But the next day, it can all fall apart.”

“Watching the pros—Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson—can be encouraging, because the game frustrates them in the same ways as it frustrates the rest of us. Though, lucky for them, they’re not frustrated nearly as often.”

” Currently, I’m in Prague, shooting another movie. It’s a beautiful city; sometimes the sun doesn’t set until 9 o’clock at night. On days when I’m not working, you can guess what I’m doing. I’m on the golf course, practicing my shot. Sometimes, there’s a bad shot. But I don’t let that ruin my day. For as sure as God made little green apples, you can bet life is going to hand you another bad shot. The key is, you just have to be ready to take another swing.”

Happy 70th Birthday

Morgan Freeman and

keep Swinging all

the way to 100 !

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