Tiger Battles Fellow Player And Golf Course

Updated: May 14, 2007


Tiger Woods


The Golf Week which

means Thursday – Sunday

for the Elite Pros of

The PGA Tour

( yes a 4 day week )

Began for The King Tiger Woods with some lively banter with fellow pro Rory Sabitini who “called out Tiger” sort of with this comment that he likes the “new Tiger” by which he implied Tiger is now beatable. Where would he ever get such an outrageous idea in his head ??

Tiger does not take

kindly to criticism

worse Sarcasm

So Tiger did not waste much time firing back at fellow 31 year old pro and South African Rory Sabitini. Here’s Tiger. “If I remember the quote correctly, he said he likes the new Tiger. I figure I’ve won 9 out of 12 and I’ve won 3 times this year, the same amount he’s won in his career. So I like the new Tiger as well.”

ZING. It appears they both like the NEW Tiger for very different reasons. The reality is too bad more players don’t verbally challenge Tiger rather than genuflecting before him before they Kiss his Ass. Sports “icons” are insufferable especially when like Tiger they go around all the times with Airs about them.

It would certainly make for more interesting PGA events if we knew Tiger had the Knives Out and so did some of his fellow Pros for him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Tiger really said what he thought about other players and they him.

Some of you will cringe at the Thought. Turning Golf away from its manicured ever so genteel image of White Upper Class Sensibilities unlike most other Sports. Well don’t worry all you Black and White Traditionalists.

Nothing is going to really change. Including Golf remaining ALL White except for Tiger Woods. But here in the Box we have a well earned license to traffic in Fantasies. Often the only way to get to the Truth.

Imagine if Tiger and the other Pros actually got truthful about each other ” I think Phil is the most pompous jerk I ever saw on a golf course ” and out loud for everyone to hear. And then a “new” PGA joined in the diabolical word play pairing pros in tournaments not by their scores at the end of each round but by their disdain even hatred of each other.

Admit it it would be “fun” to watch and each hole much more of a memorable experience. And like it or not Golf Traditionalists that kind of head to head would lead to some magnificent golf. Which football and basketball games, which tennis matches, which boxing matches are the best, when the opponents want to rip out each others guts and transform that aggression into the quality of their play to gain the ultimate satisfaction of BEATING the Other.

How about Tiger and the others taunting each other as they walk down the fairways even addressing the galleries telling them and the tv audience what they REALLY think. Finally we would find out who Tiger actually is. Dig below his public relations face and manufactured smile (except when he is losing).

Back in the Real World

of Shadows and Feints

At this past weekend’s Players Championship in Florida both Tiger and Sabitini got theirs handed to them on the Course. When all was said and done Tiger finished # 37 with his Even score 11 shots behind Phil Mickelson, and Rory Sabitini one shot worse at +1 finishing # 44. Tiger took home $ 38,700 not enough to fuel his GulfStream. Poor Rory Sabitini just $ 26,010 a lot more meaningful to him he can probably pay next month’s mortgage with that sum.

For our part we want

to keep their Feud alive

take it to the next level

here’s some free advice

Rory go around calling

Woods Uncle Tiger

that should do it

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Tiger Woods