Shaq Center Of Attention For All The Wrong Reasons

Updated: May 10, 2007




Shaq O'Neal


O yes what a Difference

10 months can make

when the Heat’s off

it can still be on

Last June Shaquille O’Neal was the Toast of Miami after the Heat’s impressive NBA Championship Series victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Paying Shaq the Big Bucks to leave the LA Lakers was proven so perfectly when he brought the Floridians the Championship they so craved.

That was then and now is now. What have you done for us recently Shaq, And aren’t you getting kind of old Shaq. And you don’t move any too quick any more do you Shaq. And your basketball skills aren’t exactly the best are they Shaq. Oh and Shaq Miami just got humiliated in the NBA Playoffs.

And now you’re getting a divorce!!!

That’s right you don’t feel sorry for Shaq and neither do we. Basketball has made O’Neal RICH and Famous. If he never played another game of Basketball he’d be richer and more famous than you for the rest of his or your life. The more serious question is will Shaquille play more Basketball in Miami.

Everyone says of course Shaq will

but will he really

Stranger things have happened in Sports and the Real World. Coach Pat Riley can easily concoct a future in which the Heat would be better off without Shaq as their Starting Center. That even a new kid off the Draft with fabulous potential and a long term contract might do more for the Heat in the years to come.

Bit then Shaq has a long term contract too. But let’s say both the Heat are Unhappy and Shaq is Unhappy. The fact is 2 Unhappys under the right circumstances can make Everyone Happy. There are teams there are always teams looking for Star Power at the expense of any long term vision. Star Power puts Fans in the Stands. Can also further be rationalized as bringing that SuperStar with that Winning Spirit that will infuse the whole team and bring all that experience to bear.

Keep piling it on

Again Shaq’s not going anywhere

or is he going somewhere

There are rumors Shaq Fantasizes playing for the New York Knicks. Yes that would be the Perfect Pace for High Profile Shaquille O’Neal in his Mind anyway. Most Basketball Professionals would rightly laugh at such a move and a trade to bring Shaq to a very Big Apple.

Would the Knicks give up Stephon Marbury and maybe Steve Francis. Preposterous. Except for One Thing as NY Times sports reporter Selena Roberts as one random example, could tell you, we are dealing with Wild Men owner Jimmy Dolan and coach Isiah Thomas. In New York.

Put those two Big Heads together

and anything is Conceivable

and with all the money

in the World to indulge

their Fantasies in

The Real World

Shaq has absolutely no long term value for the Knicks. But as the Knicks prove over and over again year after year What does Reality gave to do with It. Isiah and Shaq are Buddies. Isiah might say why not this could be Fun. Then he goes to see his Boss Jimmy Dolan who Isiah has already proven he can sell Anything.

Listen to this Conversation …..

( secretly taped as approved by Homeland Security )

” Listen Jimmy have I got a deal for us. This is the best one yet. Seriously. Bringing Shaq to New York to play for the Knicks. I don’t know Isiah I read everywhere that would be a bad deal for us Shaq is old and slow.”

“I though the plan was to rebuild for the future Isiah. Forget about the future Jimmy. That was last week’s plan. This is better. Shaq knows how to win. And being in New York where he can really Party every night will rejuvenate him. Come on Jimmy you know Miami is OK but it’s NO New York City.”

” Well I see your logic Isiah. But won’t we have to give up too much to get Shaq. Don’t worry about it Jimmy. I’m headed over to Europe on the new Gulfstream you bought me. They have great talent in Europe that nobody knows how to find except me. Let’s offer Pat Riley the entire Knicks team in a trade for Shaq. ”

” Why wait for a Championship. With Shaq at Center and undiscovered talent from Europe and maybe Outer Mongolia I know where to look and most of all my Incredible Brain Power Jimmy and your endless pit of money we can bring the Championship back in 2008. You convinced me Isiah. Let’s do it.

And that is the Fable

of how Shaq left

Miami’s Heat headed for

New York’s Madness

Wake up Shaq you

just landed in

New York

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