Same Ole Duke Lacrosse Team Nothing’s Changed

Updated: May 27, 2007




America does not care

always keep that in mind

America does NOT care

NOTHING has changed

on the Duke University

Lacrosse team since

last year except they

know they can get

away with Anything

NO we are not talking about the alleged rape incident last year pursued by an over zealous public prosecutor trying to win votes. The fact is the rape charge ultimately became the cover for these White Boys to not only get away with practicing Racism but to be hailed as “heroes” (sic).

Welcome to Reality in America

@ Elite WHITE colleges

Today Monday the Duke Lacrosse team will play John Hopkins University for the NCAA 2007 Lacrosse Championship. Especially if the win they will be hailed and celebrated at Duke and all over America ……

…….. even far more if the incident involving two BLACK dancers had never occurred. Not only are these Rich Pampered White Boys suffering NO penalty for hiring young African American women to watch them dance lewdly and hurl painful sexist insults at them for “fun” ……

As a result of humiliating

Black women in need of

cash to go to school and

simply live their lives

these White Boys

are now Heroes

WHY !!

because they

did not rape them

This is the reality of College Life in the long list of Elite Universities where a bunch of dumb looking White Boys ( go look at their photos ladies and gentlemen ) are “trained” (sic) to be the future “leaders” (sic) of the United States in business, law, government, diplomacy, etc. etc., Lording it over the rest of US their and our entire lives, even better for them of they …..

Play one of the most “hallowed” college team sports none more so than LACROSSE which most of all amounts to “secret” initiation societies out in the open where the combination of a degree from a school like Duke plus the status of having played the elite prep school sport of LACROSSE provides you extra special access to the halls of power and influence and money after graduating college and forevermore the rest of their lives.

WHY be particularly indignant now about a practice and a way of life that has so long existed for generations and is not new NOT at all BECAUSE Duke, it’s Administration and their lacrosse team are collectively spitting in the faces of ALL of us read especially very much so especially ALL the African Americans none of whom are allowed into this Special World when ……

NO penalties at all are assigned by Duke or the NCAA for these White Boys hiring BLACK “dancers” and having a PATTERN of such activities but of course NEVER EVER hiring WHITE women …….

……… to expose them to the same HUMILIATION of supplying lewd “entertainment” to a group of Rich White Boys. Only young BLACK women will do. Their Racist Parents would NEVER tolerate their sons humiliating young WHITE women. Not that they would. That is the Blatant Racism that took place at Duke among most of the Duke Lacrosse team members on a regular basis and an issue separate from the rape charge and just as deplorable in its own context.

Here is where it gets

even Worse

Duke University has not even done anything to alter the completely Racist make-up of it’s Lacrosse team in the wake of last year’s negative exposure. Going into Monday’s NCAA Championship Game this team composed of 41 members has exactly the number of African American players as before the incident ONE African American among 41 players, Devon Sherwood, the same sole Black player who was on the team prior to the “incident.” And as before ALL 5 members of the coaching staff are White.

Let’s learn a new lesson in Racism

for those who need it from

the prism of Sports

It would have on one level the easiest most logical step possible for Duke University to take, and recruit a few new BLACK players for the 2007 team. They are not limited to 41 players last year they had over 50 before some decided to transfer to other colleges. It would have been great PR a wonderful message of change at Duke IF they had gone out and just recruited 3 or 4 more Black players as a healing message of Inclusion recruited either from lesser colleges for the prestige of a Duke degree or right out of high school even if they would rarely have played IF at all SO WHY DIDN’T DUKE ??

BECAUSE they do not want to Change their Racist Sports System at Duke or in the NCAA or in elite schools all over America. And since there was NO outcry for them to do so the idea that they would CHANGE “simply” because it was definitely the right thing to do was NOT any reason to do it.

Duke does not want, their wealthy alumni do not want and most of all the Rich Elite White Parents of the current White Boys who make up the Duke Lacrosse team absolutely do NOT want to see any changes in the “system.”

Which works “perfectly” fine for Them !

So all these wonderful Rich White venture capitalists, and CEOs, and leading attorneys, and important investment bankers, celebrated physicians and scientists, these men and women who are the parents of the Duke Lacrosse 40, these outstanding Americans who …….

……….. go to the fancy charity events for Ice Hockey in Harlem, and African Relief, and Schools for the Poor, and NCAA galas, the fact is that is just “blood” money that is literally meaningless to their fortunes and makes them look good caring Influential White Americans who as REALLY seen through the eyes of their sons who play Lacrosse at Duke before and just as much after the “incident” …..

These Outstanding Americans

our Red WHITE & Blue Elite

USA’s Top 1% in this case

are at heart NOTHING but be

they very sophisticated and

well cloaked about it are

White Racists hiding behind

their wealth, their pedigree,

their degrees, and endless BS so

PRAY Duke loses Monday’s NCAA

Lacrosse Championship Game

it really won’t do anything for

any of us except offer some

minor fleeting symbolic Justice

the most the rest of us ever get

Crumbs off their Rich White Table

SameOle SameOle

it’s America 2007

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