Rumor Mill Are NY Yankees Trying To Find Black Savior

Updated: May 2, 2007


C.C. Sabathia


It’s probably no more

than Wishful Thinking

as the Desperate do but

it makes interesting copy

The New York sports rumor mill the biggest on Earth is swirling with talk of the Yankees trying to solve their Pitching Woes ( among others ) making a deal for one of the two best ( practically only as well ) African American pitchers in Baseball today. Cleveland Ace C.C. Sabathia.

It certainly seems far fetched since the Indians are in First Place in their Division and thinking they can make a Pennant Run to an extent on the strength of Sabathia’s Arm. Unlikely trade material. You’d think.

What makes it Juicy fanciful or not is that Old George Steinbrenner put together read bought together his 2007 team to fabricate a World Championship – in his disappearing mind – without even one African American on the team for the first time in decades if you don’t count bi-racial light skinned Derek Jeter who any wealthy mid-westerners would be more than happy to have their blonde blue eyed daughter bring back to their Opulent Farm.

Now the Yankees are drooling over out-spoken African American C.C. Sabathia who has been very vocal in his criticism of the lack of African Americans in Baseball today and unlike some others players he wore # 42 on April 15th more as an act of defiance than celebration.

As of Saturday evening Cleveland is in First Place with their 39-27 record. Sabathia is 9-2 with his 3.19 ERA and 92 Strikeouts. His still young career record with only 2 full seasons all of it with Cleveland is 84-56 with 968 Strikeouts. Can’t you see the Indians giving him up and throwing away their season.

But that is just how life and baseball look if you live it in the world of the Green as Steinbrenner does. His mantra has always been to buy whatever he wants when it come to Baseball. For some reason it hasn’t worked very well any more. The Bronx Bombers (sic) won their last World Series way back in 2000.

Actually the only grain of reality in this rumor and it is not much at all is that Sabathia will be a FREE agent next season and some Beautiful Minds think there is no way the Indians will win a bidding war for him. Then they take that shred of hope and combine it with the Indians sinking from First Place to Last. Or pull a Yankee if you prefer the phrase we just coined.

Of course that begs the question exactly how long does George expect it to take for the Indians to sink that low and for them to abandon this season as hopeless. Is he thinking August ?? We’ll George by August even the Second Coming is unlikely to Save the Yankees from their Miserable Fate.

Which begs a second question exactly what can he give the Indians. That questions does have an answer as useless as it is. George can give Cleveland as much money as they can fit in their clubhouse safe. And the some.

Anyway it’s all foolishness

but did you hear the one

about Knicks owner

Jim Dolan buying

George’s Yankees and

making Isiah Thomas

their new manager

anything’s possible

in The Rumor Mill

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