Praise The Lord Miracles Do Happen Chris Leak Wins By Losing In The Draft

Updated: May 1, 2007


Chris Leak


Way back in early February

after Chicago’s debacle

in the SuperBowl we

predicted in the Box

( look it up )

Chris Leak could

have a future with

Chicago’s Bears

Very Big Future


Only hours after a Crushing Defeat not being chosen in the 2007 NFL Draft. Chris Leak pulled for an upset victory when the Bears called and offered him a contract. God is Great ! Leak accepted immediately.

We can argue that there is possibly no better team than the Chicago Bears for Chris Leak. While he isn’t even assured of being on the official roster come opening day, there is far more potential deep into the season Christ Leak could be the Bears Starting Quarterback on the way to the Post Season.

Don’t take it personally Rex Grossman but you STINK as Chicago’s Starting Quarterback. Grossman served up one of the most embarrassing QB performances in SuperBowl history last February as the Bears were trounced and humiliated by the Indianapolis Colts. Grossman should have been fired on the spot.

Fans are only left to wonder what possessed Rex Grossman or Bears management to equate Grossman with the Quarterback position. Still humans are a species who do not like to admit their mistakes. So expect to see Quarterback Challenged Rex Grossman starting again in 2007.

But for how long and

if he gets yanked

who gets called ?

Yes the Bears have 3 other Quarterbacks on their current roster Brian Griese, Kyle Orton and J.T O’Sullivan currently exiled in Europe playing for the Frankfurt Galaxy ( what you never heard of them ?? ). Regardless none of them are true Quarterbacks of the Future, the way Chris Leak can be.

Lovie Smith just might be convinced, or told to turn to Chris Leak if Wobbly Grossman really fumbles the Ball. It is amazing that Leak has not gotten more respect either at the University of Florida or among the pros as a prospect. Leak ran up BIG numbers as Starting QB for Florida, and did they forget Florida’s UPSET of Ohio State and Troy Smith in the NCAA Championship Game the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona in January. And who exactly was the Most Valuable Player. Why guess what it was Chris Leak.

Of course there are still the Leak Bashers out there. Listen to this Ding Bat writing for AOL’s Fanhouse Website. “Ultimately, I think Leak is destined to play in NFL Europe or the CFL before finding something else to do with his life. But he’ll always have that national championship ring.” With writers like that maybe AOL should stop covering football.

In Chris Leak’s senior year with Florida he led Florida to the Championship none of these “experts” ever expected the Gators to compete for let alone become National Champions. In that senior year Leak threw for 2942 yards, second best in Florida history, and 23 Touchdowns. And he is a Leader !

Let’s take it from a different perspective IF Chris Leak had grown TWO more inches he would have been a First Round Draft Choice. Right now the Conventional Wisdom among NFL teams is that height is all important in choosing Quarterbacks. Of course it is preposterous. But when something becomes trendy it stays trendy until it isn’t any more.

Bet on Chris Leak. If the Chicago Bears could make it to the SuperBowl last year with a Quarterback Impersonator like Rex Grossman as their Starting QB if otherwise the Bears are as good as they were last year, and they should be, if Grossman does not sink them before they fall too far …..

….. and bring in Chris Leak to replace him watch what happens. Watch all the Nay Sayers weep for being Jack Asses with their wrong headed opinions of Chris Leak and his Potential. JaMarcus Russell for sure, joining Vince Young, but also Troy Smith and now Chris Leak. Watch this crop of young Black Quarterbacks continue to redefine the position and lead the way to the Future.

It’s not your


NFL any more

and who needs

the Draft anyway

not Chris Leak

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