Now Congressman After Michael Vick Wants Investigation Dog Fighting Rumors

Updated: May 21, 2007



Tom Lantos


If you can avoid it

you don’t want any

Congressman calling

for your Head ’cause

it gets Attention and

maybe Bad Action

Well too late for Michael Vick. One somewhat prominent Congressman from California Tom Lantos is now “officially” on Vick’s case. Which means it will be impossible for Commissioner Charles Goodell and the NFL to ignore this allegations of dog fighting previously reported in the Box.

In fact to leave no ambiguity at all Congressman Lantos has specifically called on Goodell to conduct a full investigation. In these type of statements by Members of Congress there is ALWAYS an implied threat. If you don’t do it. We will meaning Congressional hearings. Not something most individuals or organizations look forward to taking place. Bottom line. The NFL will conduct an investigation. Likewise the Virginia State Police will inevitably take the allegations seriously because the spotlight in now on. And finally the motivation is now there for the Atlanta Constitution-Journal or other major media to do the same.

Michael Vick has a problem

IF he is implicated

The facts are these a house Smithfield, Virginia, clearly owned by Vick was used to house 70 dogs. There were dogs there that had injuries consistent with dog fighting and items associated with “dog fighting” whatever that might be. Vick sold the house immediately after the Virginia State Police raid.

It seems likely the house was occupied by a cousin of Vick’s. But that can cut two ways. Vick says he did not know his cousin was keeping Pit Bulls in the house. If true Vick is likely vindicated. If not he is Screwed. As for speculation. An article in Sports Illustrated earlier this month by Don Banks in his “Inside the NFL” feature states the following opinions ….

” While the sources spoke on the condition that their names not be used due to their relationship with Vick, two of them said they were convinced the quarterback has been involved with the illegal dog-fighting ring that authorities believe they discovered last month while conducting a drug raid on a house Vick owns in Smithfield, Va..”

Banks goes on to write …..

” “He knows what’s going on in that house in Virginia,” one source said. “There’s not a doubt in my mind he’s involved with it.” The other source cited Vick’s longtime “affinity” for the dog-fighting subculture, and expressed certainty that Vick was aware of what was happening at the house..”

Into the fray now comes

Redskins Running Back

Clinton Portis …

Who may OR my not be doing Vick a favor with his comments reported Monday by CNN. Again Vick might not want to call Portis as a witness. Here is Portis in his own words on a TV station as CNN reported …

” “I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not, but it’s his property, it’s his dog,” Portis told WAVY-TV. “If that’s what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business. A lot of back roads that got the dog fight if you want to go see it” and that “if it’s behind closed doors, it’s OK.”

Also in the news. Surry, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter, the local Virginia sheriff and investigators were to have met Monday to review all the evidence, and decide what to do next if anything. But with a Congressman breathing down Vick’s neck they will feel the heat. The County Attorney says he has no doubt dog fighting did occur in the house.

Dog fighting is a Felony in Virginia

This situation goes way beyond marijuana seeds in the bottom of a bottle IF Vick is actually implicated. In fact while no matter that some like Clinton Portis see it as “no big deal” this could turn into a Crusher for Vick way beyond what he might expect.

If Vick knew nothing Vick is OK.

If Vick is shown to have actually and knowingly have funded an ILLEGAl dog fighting operation it isn’t just dog fighting felony charges he might face. But add to that Conspiracy because there are 6-10 others implicated. If in fact Vick literally created this dog fighting ring by buying and maintaining a house for it, and was actively aware of what was going on WATCH out.

Still Michael Vick might be able

to minimize the damage just

get a reprimand except for

Congressman Tom Lantos

That changes everything. If you like say it takes this whole matter to another dimension. Not only Lantos’ activism for animal rights but there is a substantial animal rights movement in the U.S., and Lantos statement is very likely to energize them to see the Vick matter as “good” publicity for animal rights

Not to leave any doubt

how serious Lantos is

here he is quoted in the

high powered DC daily

The Hill

widely read by Insiders

“I am outraged that one of the National Football League’s superstars is affiliated with such a heinous enterprise as dog fighting.” Lantos wrote in a letter to Goodell. “Your strong rebuke of dog fighting ? and those who promote it ? will send the message that this all-too-prevalent practice has no place in a civilized society. I will view anything less than the strongest repudiation of Mr. Vick’s involvement as tacit support for this atrocious activity.”

As you see Congressman Lantos

has no doubts and has already

Convicted Michael Vick

The Hill went on to write

” Lantos, a co-chair of the Congressional Friends of Animals Caucus, said that unless Goodell “means to condone animal exploitation and the criminal element that follows this nefarious practice,” he suggests Goodell “keep a tight leash on his players.”

The Hill article concluded with ….

” The level of cruelty involved in exploiting animals to the point that 60 malnourished and injured dogs were removed from Mr. Vick’s property is mind boggling,” Lantos added in his letter to Goodell. “I know you do not believe there is any place for this criminal element in the NFL.”

Michael Vick time

you got yourself one

very good attorney

then again surely

you already do

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