Michael Vick and Ricky Williams Will Star In New Version of Reefer Madness

Updated: May 13, 2007






Reefer Madness


It has always been a Dream

of many Star Athletes their

very own Acting Career

Well two of the big Black football stars of today are about to make the Leap as is being exclusively reported in today’s Black Box. Just the latest in our many Exclusives. It is a Big Step for both Michael Vick and Ricky Williams.

Lucky for both of them they may be able to take some “time off” this Fall that will coincide with the filming of “Reefer Madness ….. The Black Sequel.” And the best news of all both of them have passed their screen “test.”

The original move “Reefer Madness” dates all the way back to 1936 and most movie buffs thought it would be beyond impossible for anyone to find a reason to make a Sequel. The original film has been labeled a “propaganda” movie being produced by the Government and providing a frightening picture of the results of smoking the Weed. Depravity, descent into Madness, lechery, murder, everything and anything that was judged Bad was attributed to Marijuana use.

Now SuperStar Quarterback Michael Vick and sometime SuperStar running back Ricky Williams are breathing new life into this old plot. Vick being caught trying to bring Marijuana seeds on to a commercial airline flight in January leading to him now apparently operating a dog fighting network out of Atlanta.

Ricky Williams who has been repeatedly sanctioned for failing NFL drug tests for smoking Marijuana and was suspended all last season. Swore off the Weed publicly and repeatedly in the months since and turning into a Family Man and therapist in the off season. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Williams just surprised everyone failing another NFL drug test this past week.

If confirmed Ricky is guaranteed another suspension and if Vick’s dog fighting operation is confirmed on top of his own Marijuana incident there is a real possibility he will draw a suspension as well.

Well in this case Bad News is Good News. “Reefer Madness” and the Sequel, Hollywood insiders tell the Box is gaining the interest of some Big Money interests who see a monster hit on their hands starring Vick and Williams who descend into Madness here in the 21st century as a result of Marijuana.

Here is an outline of the Top Secret plot we were able to obtain at very great risk and tremendous cost so are readers would be first to know the details. The Sequel will open with Vick and Williams leaving NFL Commissioner Goodell’s office having been suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

Vick and Williams steaming head to Vick’s house where they smoke a few joints and go Really Mad right on the screen and devise a diabolical plot to kidnap the Commissioner, take over the NFL, and make it mandatory that ALL NFL players smoke Marijuana before every NFL game. And making any player who will not subject to immediate Suspension for violating the new rules.

Then Vick convinces Williams to join him in developing a Professional Dog Fighting League and requiring that Dog Fighting be featured at half time at every NFL game all season long and that the World Dog Fighting Championship become the new Half Time Show at the SuperBowl.

In return after yet another Joint Williams convinces Vick that all food sold at all NFL games must contain Marijuana and that the Marijuana be purchased by a Joint Company owned by Williams and Vick. As they go about implementing their plans and smoking Marijuana they descend deeper into Madness.

Going more insane each day smoking more and more Weed they decide to form a new political party and run for President and Vice President. Their slogan is “Marijuana can make America Great again.” And in a frightening development their opponents are Hillary Clinton and Martha Stewart on the Democratic ticket and Rudy Giuliani and Don Imus on the Republican ticket. As a result Vick & Williams take the lead in the Polls and it appears they will win.

Don’t worry. “Reefer Madness …..The Sequel” ends on a very positive note as did the Original. A Marijuana shortage develops as a result of the NFL using so much of it and Vick and Williams can’t find any more for themselves as they search desperately. And with no Weed to fuel themselves they begin going into withdrawal, confess their mistakes, withdraw from the Presidential race, free Charles Goodell and the dogs and go on national television to warn against the dangers of Marijuana and how it can make you Mad.

With the expected success

of this Block Buster movie

Vick and Williams will

never have to put on

an NFL uniform

ever again they

will be major

Hollywood Stars

Famous Forever

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