It’s Not Just Harvard Racism At UMASS

Updated: May 15, 2007



Coach Julie La Freniere


Massachusetts now has

an African American Governor

but when it comes to Sports

it can’t shake it’s Racist image

We proved beyond a reasonable doubt a few weeks ago in the Box in a ground breaking two part series the self-important pompous rich assholes who operate Harvard University and who believe or more accurately want us to believe that they and their super rich alumni and their children of ultra privilege are the “leaders” (sic) who make America Great are really a bunch of Crackers.

Today we “welcome”

University of Massachusetts

to this Bigoted Club of

Super Hypocrites

When we began researching this story we were prepared to present is as a nuanced situation with two sides that did not justify absolute condemnation until even more information was available. Then we subjected UMass to the Litmus Trust that NEVER fails to identify the depth of Racism at an Institution specifically at colleges. Here it is right up front and Trust us it leaves bo doubt where the Wind Blows at the University of Massachusetts.

UMass has 21 college teams

ALL of them with

WHITE head coaches


The specific issue aflame at the college right now are allegations of blatant discrimination by 3 young African Americans. To quote “Former shot putter Jordan Veney, freshman sprinter Stephanie Mattar, and former sprinter Elisabeth Budd spoke about what they said was discrimination by LaFreniere during their time on the team.” This dialogue took place at a press conference held by the University’s Student Body Association Monday.

Shot Putter Jordan Veney an African American who is a Sophomore took the lead. She is appealing her removal from the team last November, and loss of her $ 20,000 partial scholarship as a result. She claims track & field coach Julie LaFreniere targeted here and a list of other students claimed “everyone” knows there are two sets of rules on UMass teams those for the Whites and separate far less forgiving and punishing for Black team members.

Of course there were some other African American student athletes who sided with the Administration saying everything is fine at UMass. You can image them calling home ” Mama a protest is developing about the discrimination against Black athletes on campus and I’m going to join in. You are going to do no such thing girl. You’re going to kiss up to those White Folk stay on the team and get your degree. You aren’t going to change the world you just got to take care of yourself. You tell everyone how great UMass is. Yes mama.”

The other two African American student athletes complaining and threatening a law suit are sprinter Stephanie Mattar who had her scholarship cut from $ 20,000 to $ 10,000 last semester by Coach LaFreniere and Elisabeth Budd a standout from her Freshman year and one of the highest ranked sprinters in the nation was denied any scholarship money by LaFreniere until her Junior year.

All three have been guilty of the same “crime” being vocal on campus about the 2 tier student athlete system that everyone knows about but most everyone keeps their mouths shut about. The Whites because they are the perpetrators and the African Americans because they know what will happen to them if they complain as it did to Veney, Mattar and Bud.

Maybe Harvard U. and

University of Massachusetts

should merge they have so

much Racism in common

in the Great State of


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