Good For Keyshawn Good For All Of Us Better Still

Updated: May 23, 2007

Keyshawn Johnson


Retirement for a pro athlete

can be very different than for

the rest of us who operate

in the so called Real World

Keyshawn Johnson is a Perfect Example. At 34 he just announced his retirement from the NFL to pursue a career in broadcasting with ESPN. It was only back in 1996 that Johnson was in the NFL Draft.

11 years later he is Retiring Rich.

Well good for him. Good for us. Any new African American in Sports Broadcasting is a good move. Maybe just as Black players are so good and so prized on the Gridiron more of them will decide they want to go after careers in Sports Broadcasting with just as much vigor.

Lots of White Boys have been doing it ever since the first radio station and TV station even more began to appear many years ago. Besides the “cultural” (sic) barriers African Americans must overcome that is not a good enough reason why more Black retiring players are not more aggressive in seeking those very rewarding broadcast careers.

Here is just one more perfect example where if the players themselves organized and created their own group to promote themselves as potential broadcasters and that group hired outstanding professionals to guide active and retiring players in the “intricacies” of the broadcast industry much could be done.

These guys got to start THINKING

inside the Box get it !

The White Boys are not going to give African Americans shit unless 1) they have to as they do on the field, or 2) African Americans out smart these White Guys who aren’t anywhere near as smart as they would have us belief. Their advantage is CONTROL. Even that a good STRATEGY can overcome.

Here comes our Mantra again

Even better. African American players should really get SMART and begin backing Black sports media. It is far better having Keyshawn Johnson working for ESPN than not. But he will never be more than a small cog in a very large wheel. What Blacks need to do is CONTROL the means of production.

OK maybe it sounds like outdated Marxism but in truth it is a universal principle applicable in every situation. Owning the media is the real answer. Why hide from it. Lack of ownership is the bane of African Americans inside and out of Sports. Whether it is the teams themselves or those that broadcast them.

Now look at this Hybrid Solution

if you’ve read the Box for long

you’ve heard it before if not

you are in for a Treat

We have no doubt NO doubt we are about to enter a Broadcast Era in which the idea that viewers and listeners must have only ONE choice when they turn to their game broadcasts or commentary for that matter is going to End. As with everything else it is the Internet and unlimited broadband broadcasting capacity that will revolutionize Sports broadcasting.

The idea that you get one camera angle or more to the point one particular broadcast voice or team when watching or listening to Sports is NONSENSE. A core element of enjoying Sports is the ENTIRE experience – even if most fans are oblivious to what they really are doing – all fans would enjoy Sports that much more IF they each could pick their own camera angles AND the broadcasters they want to listen to broadcast the game.

Now we will finally bring it

back to you Keyshawn

Imagine how much better and wider your broadcast potential would be if you were one of a number of options fans could choose to listen to the broadcast of a particular NFL game. Or better Sunday night or Monday night football.

The fact is Keyshawn the chances of BREAKING ( perfect word to use ) into the broadcast booth for any of the 32 NFL teams let along the BIG network games Sunday and Monday night are close to nonexistent.

Those jobs are 99% locked up by the White Boys. But in a world of MULTIPLE options coming our way Keyshawn will be a valuable commodity in broadcast as will lots of other notable former African American players.

A NEW world in deciding who you want to listen to on any given Sunday broadcasting your favorite NFL games will be in your hands. And with that kind of LEVEL playing field the expectation here is that even lots of White Fans will opt for the more lively, provocative and insightful African American broadcast teams that will be an available choice for EVERY NFL game.

Bide your time Keyshawn

and everybody the future is

getting closer every Day

it will Change the World

of Sports forever for

The Far Better

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Monday Night