Golden Boy vs. Pretty Boy This Is The Big One

Updated: May 5, 2007




De La Hoya vs Mayweather


Conventional Wisdom is

only Heavyweight Champion Bouts

can be Boxing’s Biggest Attraction


Saturday night proves it

the Buzz could not


Floyd Mayweather vs.

Oscar De La Hoya

Here’s how

describes Saturday night’s Fight

“De La Hoya puts his WBC Light Middleweight title at stake against the #1 pound for pound fighter in the sport in what has already made a record breaking gate of $19 million selling out the 16,800 seats at the MGM Grand within hours after going on sale.”

” The showdown between the Golden Boy and Pretty Boy are expected to break all previous PPV and merchandising records. The heavy marketing campaign was highlighted by a four part reality series showcasing the fighters during training camp providing an excellent opportunity for non-boxing fans to get interested in the mega-fight.”

That provides some Perspective. Record breaking live gate for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. HBO pay-per-view could have it’s biggest payday ever. And this is for the Light Middleweight Championship.

This one Bout turns pro boxing reality and economics upside down, and will define a new era of Boxing in which Heavyweight will not be the defining elements but bringing together two high powered Boxers with vivid personalities and styles, no matter their weight category.

Heavyweights may not be “dead” but the central focus of the Heavyweight Championship Bout may never regain its automatic dominance. Not that there have not always been top draw bouts outside of the Heavyweights an famous successful Fighters in he lower weight categories. But the point of Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya is a Defining Moment.

The Hype is beyond belief

here is Ringside Report

“Saturday, the biggest fight in recent memory goes down as Pound for Pound King, Floyd Mayweather, JR., 37-0, 24 KO’s, faces his biggest challenge in the people’s champion and WBC Light Middleweight Champion, Oscar De La Hoya, 38-4, 30 KO’s, in a 12 round battle that the world is literally talking about.”

” The odds originally favored Floyd by a 4-1 margin, but I suspect that we will see a 2-1 or perhaps even odds by the time this fight goes down and there is some reason behind the rhyme.”

Want more we do


” The match provides the sport an opportunity to rejuvenate itself after having been tainted for several years. The magnitude of the event is huge and bettors around the world will be getting down on the action.”

” Amazingly, tickets sold out in a few hours and pulled in a record $ 19 million.

65 percent of the tickets carry a face value of $ 2,000. Front-row seats have been going for as high as $ 30,000 on the Internet.”

And how about

” Saturday night in Las Vegas, NV two of boxing’s biggest names will face off in this centuries version of a super fight. While this fight might pale in comparison to Ali v Frazier I or Leonard v Hearns I it’s going to break records and undoubtedly be the largest grossing non heavyweight pay-per-view of all time.”

” What tickets were available to the general public were scooped up in a mere three hours and the live gate has grossed a reported $ 19M. Add to this the money generated from closed circuit viewings and this fight will generate some major money. Good thing too, Mayweather needs some more to count. De La Hoya v Mayweather would sell a lot of pay-per-view buys as is but when you throw in the 11 city press tour along with HBO’s 24/7 series this fight could end up being the event future pay-per-views are compared to.”

Repeat that ….

” ….this fight could end up being the event future pay-per-views are compared to.”

Finally here is HBO’s own Ultimate Hype

“This fight will be unlike any fight anyone has ever seen, in and out of the ring, from the initial press conference to the final bell. Given the caliber of the fighters and the high stakes involved, we have no doubt this will be the biggest boxing event of all-time and one that will go down in the history books as such.”

We think we’ve made the Point

why even try to Top this stuff

all the others are putting out

too bad you don’t own

Home Box Office

instead you’ll pay

HBO to watch

better than

missing it

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De La Hoya vs Mayweather