Gene Washington Dining With The President And The Queen

Updated: May 8, 2007



President Bush and Queen Elizabeth


Sound the Alert

Black Man

in The White House

Black Man

in The White House

Don’t worry America

it was not Barack just

Gene Washington

passing through

But what a Pass Through. The Ultimate Social Event of the entire Sorry Bush Presidency. It’s all down hill for W from here. Just as it’s been all Down Hill for the rest of us since the day he stole the Presidency in Florida so long ago.

Back at The White House they pulled out ALL the stops for Queen Elizabeth II. No tax dollars left unspent showing Lizzy Royal a Good Time. Let’s hope they got lots of pretty pictures for the U.S. soldiers in “fox holes” in Iraq. Especially since the Queen is fond of the Fox Hunt back in Jolly Old England.

Sorry back to The White House. And don’t be concerned we have not forgotten about Gene Washington, NFL Vice President for Football Operations ( meaning he’ll never be Commissioner ). We’ll tell you more about Washington and his date in a moment. but since you will never get invited to a White House Black Tie Banquet even if Hillary or Barack or even Rev. Al gets elected we here in the Box are inviting you as Visceral Guests or CyberGuests as you prefer.

So we need to give you the menu

needless to say you want to enjoy

all the good and expensive food

and those rare rare wines

The Menu

Spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender

Chive pizzelle with American caviar

Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 2004

Dover sole almondine

Roasted artichokes, pequillo peppers and olives

Saddle of spring lamb

Chanterelle sauce

Fricassee of baby vegetables

Peter Michael Les Pavots 2003

Arugula, Savannah mustard and mint romaine

Champagne dressing and trio of farmhouse cheeses

“Rose Blossoms”

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2004

( eat and drink as much as you like here in the Box )

OK now to the Meat of this story not on the Menu. Why was a Black NFL executive invited to be among the almost all White 133 guests in attendance with the most sought after ticket in all of DC. When even Gene’s Boss the Commissioner himself Charles Goodell absolutely was not..

Was it because his name is WASHINGTON and George thought it would be funny to introduce the Queen to someone named WASHINGTON in WASHINGTON. Good guess. But NO.

The fact is – Gene’s dirty little secret is – he was NOT invited at all. Washington never got a valuable collector’s item Gold Leaf Presidential invitation. Gene Washington only got to put on his White Tie and Tails because he was the guest of another individual who really got an Invitation. The Administration’s own Queen of Darkness Herself yes Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

And in fact Condi probably would not have invited Gene since she has the pick especially being Powerful & Single of Rich Black or White Washington (the city) were it not for the fact a few White NFL football players were Invited Guests. Two White Quarterbacks SuperBowl Champion Peyton Manning and New Jersey Giants’ loser back up Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck.

Now Gene Washington being in the midst of this group of All Powerful Washington ( the city ) Insiders could have been like being in the World’s Greatest Candy Store. Theoretically in one evening Washington could have exchanged cards ( discreetly ) and comments ( even more discreetly ) about the plight of African Americans in American Sports ……

…….. that could have resonated far and wide. Not because any of these Rich White Dudes would have agreed with his assessments or even cared to listen to him but because of ALL the attention in the media the subject would have gotten once the word leaked out as it would have in buckets.

Of course Gene Washington did no such thing. Rather he curtsied to the Queen of the Public Dole, probably told a joke to the Prez who with his short attention span responds to little else, and Gene enjoyed the luscious food

Whether or not

Washington and Rice

got it on afterwards

we don’t have a Clue

whether or not she

does as well in

private as she does it

to the entire country

right out in Public

so comes to a Close

our non-sports story

about Sports in Washington

some Diversion from the Madness

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Gene Washington