Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Beijing Olympics

Updated: May 9, 2007



Black Caucus


No one believes

there is any Chance

Beijing will lose the Olympics

nor suffer a destructive Boycott

But as we get closer the idea has begun to get attention. China’s failings are going to be highlighted as a means of pressuring Chinese officials. Into this fray a group of African American leaders otherwise known as the Congressional Black Caucus is gaining some attention. Certainly the Chinese have taken notice.

There are lots of issues out there

various groups inside of China

more so around the world

are focused on for the

Black Caucus

it’s Darfur

The Caucus and others are talking Boycott. It’s more likely to snow in Beijing for the Olympics than for that to occur. The Olympics are about Business more than anything else and China in a very big player in Business Worldwide now.

At the same time the Chinese support of the slaughter in Darfur is a reason for Outrage and might lead to a Boycott in another era. In short China is undermining the actions of much of the rest of the “civilized” world to sanction and remove the Mad Men Black Mad Men in Darfur who are responsible for the slaughter, the rape, the hunger, the displacement of millions if you add up all these Abuses.

China is the Biggest Investor in the Sudan which of course means Darfur. All the Chinese care about is the Sudanese OIL and they have made it clear by their actions it means nothing to the Chinese leaders how many Black Sudanese are butchered or raped or starve to dead as long as the Sudanese Murderers S HOW THEM THE OIL. So as long as these plunderers have a steady supply of Chinese millions they have been able to ignore everyone else.

Here we have another of the endless examples be this one of the worst of Sports and Life being inseparable. The fact is as a result of the complaints of the Congressional Black Caucus and others especially some prominent entertainers and a well organized high powered group Save Darfur the Chinese gov’t is beginning to pay attention lessening its support of the Sudanese “government.”

Not to the extent that satisfies any of the Critics. At the same time Beijing is going on a Charm Offense in Washington and around the world playing the “we are misunderstood” card. That Critics are being “unfair to China.”

The Litmus Test for Chinese leaders on Darfur is will they finally support UN sanctions against the Sudanese “leaders” which they have not so far. The biggest problem of all is that Chinese will not pressure Sudan to allow UN Peace Keeping Troops in Darfur which is essential to stop the Mayhem.

So round and round

and round we go

closer to the Olympics

what China will do

nobody knows

while some say


The Games

Save Darfur

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