Answering Bill Rhoden Giant Step Will Re-Integrate Baseball Par

Updated: May 28, 2007






No doubt about it

right now Bill Rhoden

is the leading voice of

Black Sports Journalism

in America today still ……

Some times he gets it WRONG. Writing in the New York Times on Monday, Rhoden makes an impassioned plea for re-invigorating Little League Baseball and beyond as the road map to making African American a vibrant and significant part of Baseball once again especially at the Major League level.

Rhoden wants to start at the Beginning – usually a good place to start – and encourage young African Americans to stick with Baseball beyond the 10-12 year old range. Rhoden believes it is at that point where the problem begins.

. For 13-18 year olds there are elite traveling teams he feels that provide the best teens opportunities to develop and be noticed,. Few of these kids are Black because the cost of playing on these teams is almost always too expensive for African American families. But not well off suburban Whites.

Leaving aside whether or not these teams rather than high school and college ball are really the significant way most players develop is neither here nor there. The fact is Rhoden is reaching for a plausible Solution to an Intractable Problem based on socio-economic Racism he admits to as the root cause in his own way.

Bill Rhoden here right here is the REAL solution

we’re going o give it to you in the Box

Call it Impractical if you want.

Rhoden’s sure is

The fact is yours which might seem “practical” is even far less likely to accomplish the Goal. The reality is OR we as a society choose to believe which makes it true (the same thing) that we live in an Age of profound change and incredible innovation. Global warming too of course. That literally anything is possible and the more Original and Dramatic the proposal the Better. So let’s try it here …….

Inside the Box !

The fact is Major League Baseball “carries” some pathetic teams year after year after year. By pathetic we mean in the most important way. Economically. In this context no TWO teams are more PATHETIC than the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They are truly PATHETIC.

They are perennially the TWO worse drawing, least followed teams in the Majors year after year. Even if the Marlins have won the World Championship in the past. Once again right now there are # 29 and # 30 in attendance for 2007. They also have two of the worst records in the Majors but that is beside the Point.

The Reality is one of the Dumbest moves MLB ever made was to expand into Florida when they had everything Major League Baseball needed in Florida from all the Spring Training. Even the New York Mets who swept the Marlins this past weekend and are in 1st place and playing the Marlins in Florida otherwise known as New York South played to mostly EMPTY seats. It was Sad.

When Floridians think Baseball

they think late Winter early Spring

not April thru September

Now Baseball and specifically Bud Selig regularly discuss without any credibility eliminating TWO franchises – never specifying which of course – but that would strengthen Baseball economically overall. Eliminating the Dead Wood.

Of course the better solution would be to re-locate TWO teams to cities where they would draw far better. Well if you eliminate Las Vegas which you must there are no such cities. Every American city that can carry an MLB team already has one or two. Baseball as well as it is doing would do even better if it TRULY had a solution to make the Majors stronger by eliminating some weak franchises and do it without expanding internationally for quite awhile which is another BIG risk Baseball does not want to take yet. Already stung in Canada.

So how does this supposed “problem” of

Major League Baseball wanting to make even

more $$$ eliminating its weakest links and

the REAL PROBLEM of African Americans

DISAPPEARING from Baseball come together

and SOLVE both Problems ???


for Bill Rhoden and everyone

Part #2


We are HAPPY to report the Blue (sic) Devils of Duke University LOST the NCAA Lacrosse Championship Monday 12-11 to John Hopkins University. Thank you God. Now it’s time for the 40 White Duke Lacrosse players and their 5 White Coaches to crawl back into their White Hole until next season.

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