And The Winner Is Luol Deng

Updated: May 3, 2007


Luol Deng


Some Sports awards truly are Special

basically those voted by players

choosing another player

to Honor and the NBA

Sportsman of the Year

is very special for

that Reason

Formally known by the Joe Dumars Trophy the winner receives. Luol Deng a Black Sudanese who plays for the Chicago Bulls did not get the most first place votes or even the second most first place votes but he was close behind third and did receive the most TOTAL votes which determines the award.

The most first place votes went to Shane Battier, and Deng just beat out Battier in total votes 2027 to 2005. Officially the award honors the player who best exemplifies ethical behavior, fair play and integrity on the court, as judged by all the other NBA players, those who chose to vote.

Luol Deng is another one of those “classic” success stories. He and his family fled war ravaged Sudan, the first settling in Egypt, then on to England where his family still lives. Showing talent young Luol got admitted to a prep school in New Jersey. Upon graduation spent just one year at Duke before entering the NBA Draft as a Forward and being taken by the Chicago Bulls.

In addition to gaining the accolades of players for the way he purports himself on and around the Basketball Court, and his exemplary off court image. Deng is known his involvement with a number of charities including the oldest rescue mission in this country Chicago’s Pacific Garden Mission.

Also worthy of Honorable Mentions for their “high scoring” in the Sportsman of the Year vote total are the above noted Shane Battier of Houston, Utah’s Derek Fisher, LA Clippers’ Elton Brand, Atlanta’s Joe Johnson and our list concludes with Toronto’s Anthony Parker. Many other players received votes.

On the Court Deng is preparing for the Second Round of the NBA Championship. Chicago takes on the Detroit Pistons beginning Saturday. The Bulls success so far in no small measure is due to Deng. In the First Round against Miami he averaged 26.3 points per game and shot a hot 58% from the field. Miami was ineffective guarding Deng. Next he will present a Big Problem for the Pistons and Tayshaun Prince who will try to guard him.

Interesting sidelight the Sportsman’s Award is named for legendary NBA Sportsman Joe Dumars who is now the President of the Detroit Pistons the same Detroit Pistons, Deng and the Bulls open against in Detroit Saturday.

It should be quite a series

but regardless of the results

Luol Deng has his Award

for keeps and the chance

to meet the man whose

name it bears.

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Luol Deng