What’s Wrong Is Bigger Than Don Imus Hypocrisy Everywhere

Updated: April 14, 2007




Here’s a Truly Radical Idea

in the wake of the

Rutgers’ Basketball Team

Forgiving Don Imus

put him back on the Air

that’s right

in return for some REAL

changes and reforms at

Racist staffing WFAN

and their partners

Driving Imus off the Air makes a Point, has Psychological Value. Provides vindication. That’s about as filling as hot air cooked pop corn. And about as nutritious. There are deeper problems related to this incident that have not been mentioned at all by anyone.

WFAN bills itself as the leading sports talk radio show in the nation plus up until now the home of Imus in the Morning having a total of 41 on the air personalities. 42 if you include the Late Imus.

There are 37 men and 4 women. Exactly ONE of the 41 is African American. Overnight host Tony Paige who has the GRAVEYARD shift 1 AM 5:30 AM when of course WFAN has its smallest listening audience by far, and lowest demographics of its broadcast day.

On the Imus Show itself

He was known for having a “team” surrounding him which gave the show its “distinct” character (sic). SEVEN other cast members every last one of them White. 6 men and 1 woman. Their names are irrelevant to the article. They are widely available for anyone to examine.

So here is what we have at WFAN the nation’s leading sports talk station, 41 on the air personalities ONE of them African American. On Imus in the Morning there were a total of 8 on the air personalities NONE of them Black.

Now is it really surprising within that environment that a Racist “joke” directed against a group of young African American women took place. It’s a wonder it did not happen far sooner. On the other hand not one of the critics NOT one from Al Sharpton on down and up NOT one has made an issue of the racial or gender make up of the station WFAN or the show Imus in the Morning.

More to the Point

NO one has called for

Changes at the Station or

Management at CBS

which own the station

nor at MSNBC which

also broadcasts the show

Every single decision maker in this matter all the way up to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, owner of MSNBC to CBS Chairman Sumner Redstone are White with the exception of one CBS Board Member Bruce Gordon, former head of the NAACP, ALL the others involved in management are White.

And now that they have dropped Imus

they can all go about their usual business

and with the smug view they have

acquitted themselves well

that they are OK


the same corporate “culture”

remains completely unchanged

Racist & Sexist as ever


Since the young women of Rutgers have Forgiven Don Imus let him back on the Air where he is a Big Money Maker for CBS and MSNBC. as part of a much larger Agreement. That CBS 1) agrees that WFAN will be substantially changed beginning with the Imus Show. That 50% of the cast will be Black and 50% of the cast will be Women. 4 men, 4 women, 4 of them Black.

Let’s see how many

Racist & Sexist “jokes”

he tries with the new Cast

As for WFANCBS flagship

most popular Sports Talk station

CBS will agree transform that operation “reasonably” within the next 3 months with 25% of the on air personalities becoming Black and 25% of the on the air personalities becoming Women so that there will be from now on 10 Black on the air personalities and 10 Women on the air personalities at WFAN.

All of this will be called “radical” by some

even by many if not most but

WHY ???

WHY here in the 21st century and in America on a leading radio program should it be “radical” to have some racial and gender equality and WHY for a sports talk radio station to have a reasonable number of Black and Women broadcasters.

WHY because we are ALL still living on the Plantation even Don Imus’ most vocal critics who are willing to settle for a Crumb off the table. Imus’ removal from the Airwaves but with the very same environment that “nurtured” Imus remaining unchanged rather than using this as an historic opportunity to FORCE Corporate America to face a blatant Racist and Sexist tendencies.

Admit the Fault and make Basic Changes


Don Imus is NOTHING

but a Foot Soldier

For the “Dark” Side

in the battle against

Stereotypes and

Racism and Sexism

still Alive and “well”

in American society

time to claim a real Victory

here FAR more than Imus’

lifeless worthless body to Bury


Another way to look at this whole mess and especially WFAN as very reflective of the state of sports entertainment in America is to say ….


At least we have a Fighting Chance !

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