What’s Up Brady Quinn Are You Playing Your Draft Race Card

Updated: April 12, 2007




It isn’t just Imus not

that it is any Surprise

it’s just that Others

can be Sophisticated

take Brady Quinn

not #1 in the Draft

just take him away

Brady Quinn is going around being unprofessional at best at worst you know what. Quinn is grabbing anyone who will listen to tell them he NOT JaMarcus Russell should be picked #1 in the Draft.

Yes this is same Brady Quinn who came in a very embarrassing 3rd in 2006 Heisman voting. This is the same Brady Quinn who lost the BIG games with Notre Dame finishing out of the Top 10 in the Football Polls.

And yes guess who whipped Brady Quinn’s ass, made him look like a 3rd rate Quarterback crushing him 41-14 in the Sugar Bowl in January. Well surprise it was LSU and their Quarterback JaMarcus Russell. The Game MVP.

Let’s listen to Brady Quinn

speaking in “code”

“JaMarcus obviously is a big kid with a strong arm. But I’m a big kid with a strong arm and much more. I’m not as big as him. I’m a little leaner. But I’ve played four years, started the past four years and been through a lot.”

The operative phrase here is

” ….. and much more.”

Just in case you don’t know what that means

It means upstairs

White Guy Brady Quinn is pushing the line he is SMARTER than Black Quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Yes indeed dragging up the Old Stereotype. African Americans aren’t SMART enough to Quarterback. And some Black Quarterbacks like Troy Smith think the Racism is dead. Behind them.

Brady Quinn even found a way to dump on former ND head coach Tyrone Willingham by implication without having to mention his name. Quinn claims Charlie Weis “inherited” a losing team and he the Mighty Quinn and Charlie Weis turned Notre Dame around and made them winners.

Brady may have another problem in trying to be picked first. Alzheimer’s while still in his early 20s. Not a good thing to have Quarterbacking an NFL team. It was Tyrone Willingham who recruited and nurtured Brady Quinn, and it was Tyrone Willingham who left Charlie Weis with a strong squad.

But hey this isn’t about the Truth

this is about the “great” Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn is running around telling any NFL team that will listen which means he is aiming his remarks to the Oakland Raiders who have the First Pic in the Draft – telling them he can single-handedly turn around a “broken” franchise. Just as he says he did the Fighting Irish. In addition to the signs of Alzheimer’s Brady may have yet another problem being picked #1 sounds like he may be hitting the Weed on a fairly regular basis. Store those urine samples Brady.

One thing we absolutely know

is true about Brady Quinn now

he is an out and out Braggart

Master of the Hot Air

Exactly how long will it take Brady Quinn to turn around the worst franchise in the NFL. Brady has that answer too. Exactly ONE season. He confirms he can do it in his rookie year. No matter what deficiencies the team has. That’s right. To be fair he does not guarantee a SuperBowl victory for the Raiders next year IF he is Picked #1. Brady only implies it.

Brady may have yet another Problem

being picked #1 later in April

signs of Mental Illness

Virtually none of the many NFL Draft picking Websites have Brady Quinn as #1. The well respected AOL Sports FanHouse mock draft has Brady Quinn as the #7 draft choice. Ouch. Lots of others have him coming in 3, 4, or 5. Many don’t even see him as #2 let alone #1. That can really screw up Brady’s mind. For a guy who knows he is the Best of the Best. That can fry your Brain.

To make it even worse who did the AOL FanHouse Mock Draft pick overwhelming to be the #1 choice of the 2007 NFl Draft. Brady if you’re out there don’t read any further. It’s not worth it. The FanHouse Mock Draft chose as #1 none other than LSU’s JaMarcus Russell. How can that be.

Brady it gets even worse. There is a widespread feeling among the experienced Draft pickers that even Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson who missed much of the 2006 season with a broken leg and did not run up impressive numbers that yes another African American will be in front of you.

Brady Brady Brady

if only you were born

30 or 40 years ago

before football got

all mixed up when

a White Quarterback

like you would ALWAYS

get picked first heck

JaMarcus Russell wouldn’t

get picked at all at


if only you could

get on the Imus Show

and explain it all !

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