Tim O’Neal’s Lonely World Personalizing Tiger Woods’ Failure

Updated: April 27, 2007



For all your Big

Tiger Woods Fans

here is some more

Tough Love very

very TOUGH love

Lots of readers always want to know why we aren’t BIG fans of Tiger Woods here in the Box. Save yourself another Email. Here is the latest installment. And the best meaning the worst yet for Tiger. His name is Tim O’Neal. Of course you never heard O’Neal. He’d have trouble finding his way on to Black Trivia. He toils on the golf courses of America in complete Obscurity.

Ironically so painfully so

as O’Neal is the ONLY

African American Golfer

on any professional golf tour

Male or Female that is

other than The Tiger

10 years after Tiger Woods arrived on the PGA Tour and won his first Major TEN years later there is but ONE other African American who makes a living – if that is what you can call it – playing Golf professionally.

NO don’t bother looking for Tim O’Neal playing on the PGA Tour somewhere behind Tiger. There are NO other African Americans other than Tiger on The Tour.

NO Tim O’Neal toils in the PGA’s “minor league” their so called Nationwide Tour not even making $ 15,000 a year in prize money ranked 448th in the world of pro golf. Tim O’Neal will never be a Champion.

Rather O’Neal deserves to be honored for his guts, his perseverance and most of all his Symbolism in PROVING by his Lonely Existence on the Links, that Tiger Woods has meant NOTHING for African Americans in Golf.

Most of all worth being damned for doing NOTHING to promote African Americans in Golf. The most important and powerful athlete on Earth has NEVER lifted a finger let alone a gold club, or his reputation, or his power, or his riches to insure a generation of young African American boys and girls would follow him on to the PGA Tour and Glory.

For the Simple Minded who

need a Comparison to

Understand Tiger’s


Imagine if 10 years after April 15, 1947, and Jackie Robinson becoming the First African American in the Majors, that TEN years later the ONLY result was that Robinson was still the ONLY African American player in the Majors AND in the Minors there was just ONE other African American who had NO chance of ever making it to the Majors …….

And here’s the “good” part IF over those 10 years it was fully documented and crystal clear that Jackie Robinson kept his mouth SHUT and never ever even once made a comment complaining about the absence of African American in Baseball and did absolutely NOTHING ……

…….. to utilize his fame and his success to insist that other African Americans get the opportunity he did, and if Robinson did NOTHING but smile for the Media and REFUSE to ever make a public comment criticizing Baseball for still being ALL White except for his presence.

If that were the case today

Jackie Robinson would be


African American


condemned as

some Uncle Tom

instead in the case of

Tiger Woods he is


he should be treated

like some Black “leper”

( not leopard Tiger .. Leper )

held up as a Model of

what is WRONG with

African American

athletes like him and

Why Tim O’Neal is

really 1000 times

Tiger’s Better !!

Shame on Tiger

Again and Again

Forever and Ever

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Tiger Woods ” IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM ”