The BASN 5th Annual Great American Baseball Trivia Quiz

By Tony McClean
Updated: April 7, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — We’re just a few days removed from the end of the men’s and women’s college hoop season, the teeth of the NBA playoff push, and the beginning of the baseball season.

There isn’t a better time for BASN to bring back our fifth annual Great American Baseball Trivia Quiz. If you’re not familiar with our little test, we’ll bring you up to snuff. Basically, its multiple choice questions dealing with all different aspects of baseball.
We’ll hit the major leagues, the Negro Leagues, and everything in between. Along the way, we hope to jar some memories from our older readers and educate our younger readers as well.
Are you ready? Let’s get it started. And no peeking at the answers!!
1. What player has hit the most career homers on Opening Day?
A. Frank Robinson
B. Ken Griffey Jr.
C. Willie Mays
D. Mark McGwire
2. Adam Dunn is one of two players in Reds’ history to have scored 100 runs and driven in 100 runs in a season. Who was the other?
A. Gus Bell
B. Lee May
C. Joe Morgan
D. Chris Sabo
3. Who holds the White Sox record for the most stolen bases in a season?
A. Nellie Fox
B. Scott Posednik
C. Julio Cruz
D. Rudy Law
4. Craig Biggio has the most career leadoff homers by active players. Who is second?
A. Ray Durham
B. Alfonso Soriano
C. Johnny Damon
D. Kenny Lofton
5. Who was the first black player to homer in American League history?
A. Larry Doby
B. Hank Thompson
C. Vic Power
D. Willard Brown
6. Who was the last Minnesota Twin to hit for the cycle?
A. Tony Oliva
B. Kirby Puckett
C. Rod Carew
D. Ken Landreaux
7. What player holds the major league record for the most career pinch hit homers?
A. Cliff Johnson
B. Jim Ray Hart
C. Lou Johnson
D. Lenny Harris
8. What player in 2006 had the highest batting average on the road?
A. Abert Pujols
B. Derek Jeter
C. David Ortiz
D. Robinson Cano
9. What player was the last in the majors to collect at least 200 hits and at least 40 homers in one season?
A. Albert Belle
B. Frank Thomas
C. Adrian Beltre
D. Barry Bonds
10. Which player holds the Dodgers’ record for most career homers by a second baseman?
A. Davey Lopes
B. Jackie Robinson
C. Junior Gilliam
D. Charlie Neal
1. A. The Hall of Famer hit eight career dingers on Opening Day. His last came on April 8, 1975, the same day he became the first black manager in major league history. Robinson connected off George “Doc” Medich of the Yankees in a 5-3 Cleveland win.
2. C. In a season where he won his second straight National League MVP award, Morgan scored 113 runs and drove in 111. He also walked 114 times.
3. D. Law’s 77 steals in 1983 helped lead the Chisox to the AL West title.
4. A. Entering the 2007 season, Durham has 34 career leadoff homers. Soriano is next with 32 and Lofton is behind him with 28.
5. D. Playing for the St. Louis Browns on August 13, 1947, Brown connected for a pinch inside-the-park homer off Detroit’s Hal Newhouser. The Hall of Famer spent most of his professional career with the Negro League’s Kansas City Monarchs.
6. B. Against the Oakland A’s on August 1, 1986, Puckett went 4-for-5 with two RBIs and scored three runs at the Metrodome.
7. A. Johnson hit 20 career pinch hit homers including a Houston Astros’ record of five during his first full season in 1973.
8. D. Cano’s .364 mark on the road was the highest in the majors last year. AL batting champ Joe Mauer was second with a .359 clip.
9. C. With the Dodgers in 2004, Beltre hit a league-leading 48 homers and collected exactly 200 hits. The 48 dingers tied Mike Schmidt with the most by a third baseman in a single season.
10. A. Currently a first base coach for the Phillies, Lopes hit 98 career homers in Los Angeles. Robinson is second with 80 followed by Neal with 59.