Serena of Our Dreams Beat World’s Best

Updated: April 1, 2007


Many people put down

Tennis as a spectator sport

NOT if you watched Serena

play world’s #1 Justine Henin in

the Finals of the Sony Ericsson Open

what a Titanic Struggle Saturday

This was as good an example of any of Sports bring Sports and t the same time so much more. The Human Drama live played out on a stage called Sports in this case a Tennis Court. Watching this match NEVER again would you ever make any caustic comment about this silly simple game of two people whacking a little ball across a net. How boring. No Way. Pure Excitement.

And here is the best part of all


Here in the Box we are going to tell you what Serena’s Comeback heightened by this Victory really means. First of all how she did it. Serena was uncharacteristically crushed in the First Set 6-0. It seemed certain the Magic in this Tournament was gone for Serena. This tournament end in her Defeat.

It was almost too painful to watch if you were rooting for Serena Williams. To make it even worse the Second Set began in similar fashion until Serena pulled off one of the most Remarkable Comebacks you will ever see.

In a Second Set that should be replayed again and again for as long as the sport of Tennis exists. Henin was just ONE match point away from winning the Second Set and claiming the Tournament but Serena would not concede. Serena would not stop Fighting. A battle so fierce it was exhausting to watch let alone play as Serena came back like some Super Human to win 7-5.

In the Third Set Henin unwilling to accept her Fate or to be the #1 in the world and LOSE to #13, Henin put up a battle but it was Hopeless. Serena had reached her Wining Stride. She knew she was Better than Henin. Serena took a 3-0 lead, pulled back a bit then finished off Justine mercifully 6-3.

For Serena this was far more

than the 28 tour win of her career

far more than back last July

her body broken and being

ranked #140 now ranked #11

and looking to reclaim #1

in the coming months

Serena now an Amazing

15-1 in 2007 matches

Saturday for all practical purposes has established Serena Williams as the Preeminent Woman Athlete on Earth. That’s right. At this moment for a host of reasons SERENA STANDS ALONE as the Greatest Female Athlete on Planet Earth right now. Because of her success, her dominance of this sport in recent years coupled by one of the most inspiring ComeBacks ever this year.

All Hail Serena Williams

the Queen of Tennis

All Hail Serena Williams

the Queen of Sports

Daughter of Africa

right now all of you go

worship at her Black Throne

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