Ohio State Basketball Bad On All Of Us

Updated: April 23, 2007



Everyone else may be

Oblivious to it but

NCAA Basketball

effectively destroyed

itself certainly any

remaining Credibility

when Ohio State

played Florida for the

NCAA Championship

it would have been

only that much worse if

Ohio State won the Game

To use the word FRAUD has serious implications. But that is just what the NBA and NCAA are involved in cooperating call it colluding in the new One & Out Rule. That requires high school basketball superstars to wait one year after graduating high school before entering the NBA Draft.

It turns into a Conspiracy and the NCAA and irs members colleges co-conspirators when they decided to let athletes whose ONLY interest was the NBA to play on college teams as PHONY student athletes. It is the complete contradiction of everything the NCAA and college sports stands for.

Read Supposedly Stand for

And nobody is complaining about it even when the most egregious abuse imaginable is taking place before America’s and the sports media’s eyes. THREE of Ohio State’s Starters who took them to the NCAA Championship Game early in April are for all practical purposes RINGERS in every sense of the word.

Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr. and Daequan Cook were NEVER real students at Ohio State in any legitimate way. They were allowed to enroll so they could play Basketball with the colleges full knowledge that none of them was going to stick around to finish even one school year let alone ever graduate. For all practical purposes they enrolled under “false pretenses” aided and a abetted by Ohio State University officials. Some would call that a Crime.

Whether it is a Crime under state or federal law on anyone’s part is open to interpretation but regardless it sure is a “crime” against any sense of sportsmanship, fair play and college ethics. It is an ABSOLUTE rule for the NCAA that an athlete must be a STUDENT to participate in college sports.

No one disputes that. Well inherently there is a reasonable definition of just what a “student” is. Someone who is accepted and enrolls in a college with the intent of trying to pursue their education and graduate with a degree.

It is bad enough that so many college basketball and football players never graduate because they do not have the academic credentials they needed combined with the fact their sport leaves them almost no time for their studies. But that is patently different than someone enrolling and being allowed to enroll with their ONLY purpose playing Basketball for one college season and then leaving, and having made that decision before they ever enrolled.

That is EXACTLY what Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Jr. and Daequan did. Reports are they have already left the campus now that the basketball season is over while they go into training to play in the NBA in the 2007-2008 season after each of them becomes a First Round Draft Choice.

It would be very interesting to know exactly what courses did they enroll, how often did they actually attend class and what grades did they receive in the courses they supposedly took. Very very likely that information will be that much more evidence that their enrollment was a complete SHAM and a SCAM.

Think about it then

think about it again

then think about it

yes a third time

IF NCAA President Myles Brand, and the NCAA as an institution and all its member colleges has ANY integrity and ethics. If they believed even ever so modestly in the meaning of the STUDENT athletes and Sports as an element in a well rounded college education they would NEVER have agreed to allow the NBA to try and make itself look “good” by not drafting high school graduates and rather having them spend a season playing college ball first.

The NCAA had a moral and quite possibly a legal obligation to say NO. We will not participate in your NBA Scam. The moral issue is beyond dispute unless you are so corrupt yourself you can’t tell right from wrong any more.

The legal issue is do LEGITIMATE student athletes who are REAL students pursuing degrees while playing Basketball have their own prospects degrading by Oden, Conley, Cook and others in the same category being allowed to play NCAA Basketball. Because IF Ohio State had not unethically enrolled these 3 Ohio State would never have made it to the NCAA Championship.

Do the Math if you need

Without Ohio State as a dominant team in the 2007 NCAA Championships all the other results would have been effected. Any number of other colleges might well have made it to the NCAA Championship including every team Ohio State eliminated to make it to the Championship.

There is NO doubt player performance in the NCAA Championship is a serious factor in how NBA teams judge prospects. A star player on a team that makes it all the way to the NCAA Championship will benefit in the Draft.

In fact contrast Ohio State

and the University of Florida

which won the NCAA Crown

Florida fielded 5 SENIORS

as their Starting Team while

Ohio State should have been


starting THREE Ringers

instead the NCAA applauds

Ohio State for doing so well

Welcome to Ancient Rome

where Corruption ruled

as in our Modern Times

just like in the NCAA

All Hail Caesar !

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